Week 4: Fear the Beard & There’s a new Trizis in town!

We’re four weeks in and it’s a great season already.

While the Godfather is vacationing/playing poker in The Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure (finished 3rd in the Senior Event) at Baha Mar in Nassau, he left his young protege Matt (The Godson, and heir apparent) to take on the best of the league players. In a mere 5 1/2 hours he quickly dispatched everyone but Darryl Woodruff. The two ended up chopping the money and the points. This will propel Team Steve/Matt to 3rd place) only behind the indomitable, and blessed Peter Pompeii. It remains to be seen if the Godfather will be able to hold his position when he returns. He hasn’t been running (perhaps playing) too well in the league lately.” -Steve Tizis, sideline reporter

Jacob Naumann was overjoyed to be at Peter Pompeii’s table yet again! He was also excited to be at the FEATURE TABLE! He lamented that Peter’s busted him the last two times they played together. Sure enough they got in a pot together & Jacob lost heaps-then Peter was moved to another table.

MarkWinchell’s 88 was good when he hit his set vs RedHat Dave Menosky’s AJ. Dave turned two pair but Mark held to double.

RedHat Dave was all in short and Mo Maher called getting the knockout.

Another double for Mark!

-Sideline reporter Jacob Naumann had this to contribute. This was a between Jason P, and Tig Winslow,

Final Table!

Austin Fowler out 9th

Thang Phu> GingerDave Miller
Dave 8th

Jason Barnett’s Ax Darryl Woodruff’s KJ RobWinsler xx
Rob out 7th

Ricardo AA > Thang A9
Thang 6th

Matt Trizis 89cc > Ricardo A7hh
Matt doubled up!

Matt 9Tdd > Ricardo K6hh
Matt doubled again

Darryl AA> Marie KK > Ricardo 66
Marie 5th
Ricardo 4th

Matt A8 > Jason 33
Jason 3rd

Chop! Congrats Darryl Woodruff & Matt Trizis!

The final table in order of finish was:

1.Matt Trizis / Darryl Woodruff Chop

2. Chop

3. Jason Barnett

4. Ricardo

5. Marie Harrell

6. Thang Phu

7. Rob Winsler

8. Dave Miller

9. Austin Fowler

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