Week 7: Karl Man wins again & League members relieved that multiple Main Event seats available

Week 7 of 20 is complete and Karl Man is pulling ahead on the season leaderboard with Dan Johnson and Eric Klatt 2nd & 3rd this season so far. Karl took 1st this week and new member Rob Cotto was our 2nd place finisher. Karl does not have a 14 point lead so it’s not a runaway lead yet as each week 1st place is 14 points. Karl leads Dan by 9 points. There are 13 weeks left in the season snd we’ve accumulated enough funds for 3 1/2 seats already! There will be a lot of WSOP Seats awarded snd noone is out of it. Remember – you must play or have a sub 17 of 20 weeks so keep track of your attendance by looking at the master spreadsheet shared each week on http://www.tampabaypoker.com!

Week 7 pictures and notable hands

At the outer table Steve Trizis>Eric Klatt

No pic on this hand shared by Steve Trizis:

Dugg Hadden KK AIPF for $3k
Juan QQ bet flop and Turn
Karl (BB) 7-3dd

River 3x.

Karl did not apologize.

Final Table

Final Table!
Juan Dacosta AJ > Twitch 99
Twitch Anderson 9th
Karl 55> Tom M 79
Tom McDonald out 8th
Jim C AK> Eric A9
Eric Klatt 7th

Dan AK > Juan 55
Juan DaCosta 6th
Rob Cotto A4> Jim Collins K2
Rob Cotto doubled
Rob KQ> Karl KT
Rob doubled
Jim C AK > Dan A8
Dan Johnson out 5th
Karl KQ> Jim C A2
Karl dub
Karl AQ > Jim C KJ
Jim Collins 4th
Alan A3cc > Rob A9
Alan Thomas dub
Rob A9> Alan KJ
Alan Thomas out 3rd
Karl AJ> Rob 9Tdd
Rob Cotto 2nd
Week 7 winner Karl Man

League 9/14

1. Karl Man

2. Rob Cotto

3. Alan Thomas

4. Jim Collins

5. Dan Johnson

6. Juan DeCosta

7. Eric Klatt

8. Tom McDonald

9. Twitch Anderson

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