Week 16: Spooky Halloween results! Ed gets a win, Allen tops the leaderboard, and Andra wins the costume contest but candy instead of points for her!

The League fell on Halloween this year so we decided to have a costume contest. The Dealers’ and servers’ costumes were amazing this year as well.


Andra was a Rock Star &

Rob was a King

Mark was tilted poker player (this was, unfortunately, his bust out interview pic)

Andrea Ruosi was dressed as a GOOD poker player, he had us all fooled – for a little while…

Even Frankenstein (Fil Khavin) made an appearance!

The dealers looked amazing!

Gerry versus Alan

Straight flush – another Gerry versus Alan

Sherry, short stacked, flopped a wheel and Andra called with 77 to double her

Chrissy busted Sherry A4 > Sherry’s 10 high flush

Clive W Q4> Fil “Frankenstein” Khavin’s heart draw

Gene JJ>Fil JTcc

Andra A8♠️♠️ >Andrea QT>Clive for a much needed triple up!

Clive 8T>Andrea Ruosi QJ

Rob AK> SuperDave JT♣️♣️

Rob AK>SuperDave 77

Final Table

Clive Straight >Matt KK > SuperDave JJ for a double knock out!

Steve’s AJ Vs Ed’s AK. All in on the flop.

In the end, the final table in order of finish was:

1 Ed Vanlandingham

2 Allen Wiseman

3 Clive Gavin

4 Chrissy Holubeck

5 Gene Bauerlan

6 Steve Strizis

7 Jason Barnett

8 Rob Benford

9 Matt Trizis

10 SuperDave Kaucher