Week 11: Brenda tops the leaderboard!

Week 11 of 18 is complete and Brenda Worley has now won or chopped three weeks in a row. With this win she has pulled ahead of Jeremy Becker into the top spot on the season leaderboard. With 7 weeks left in the season there are still 105 points up for grabs in attendance & first place points combined. Since noone has 105 points yet anyone can still run good & win a Main Event seat!

At the feature table somewhat early, Jacob Naumann doubled through Dugg Hadden with a straight

In a big sub vs sub battle Herb “The Duckman” Woodbery bested Joe “Andrea” Parrish in a set over set MONSTER pot!

Derek ‘s quad dueces bested Herb (playing for the Duckman) 🦆🦆🦆🦆. How does that even happen???

Joe Parrish then no no no JJ no JJ no no I’m in no no byhad a full double through Herb to get some chips back.

Joe was out when Herb came back with another set!

Herb was out!

Jeff Gordon doubled through Matt Trizis. Mark “Rat Bastard”, not in the hand, was attempting to influence action.

Jake, who sent Andra to the window earlier taking all of her chips, had a monster stack!

We had our final table!

Wally finished 9th when Mark Winchell’s AK was good.

Jeff Gordon ran his 500 up to 5000!!

But it was not to be, Brenda’s AA was better.

Here’s the obligatory “Steve in his Elite league Poker Shirt while AWOL once again.”
Getting ready to raft the Nantahala River. Bonnie is staying behind at the bar waiting. Trying to influence action from afar

Brenda did not listen to the Godfather who texted the everyone trying to help Matt out and Matt’s JJ was no good.

Big pot for the Rat Bastard!

Double up for the Rat bastard!

Dave Bennett was out 6th

Andra was out 5th.

In a HUGE hand big stack vs big stack, Brenda’s 22 flopped a set when Jacob flopped two pair and he was out 4th! Ouch!

Mark W>*Mark W for the knockout!

*Mark Rat Bastard Wiser

Another win for Brenda-3 weeks in a row!

1 Brenda Worley

2. Mark Winchell

3. Mark “Rat Bastard “ Wiser

4 Jacob Naumann

5 Andra Zachow

6. Dave Bennett

7 Matt Trizis

8. Jeff Gordon

9. Wally Maddah

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