The Elite Tampa Bay Poker League starts its Fall season tonight August 3rd at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg. Please arrive by 6:15 to get registered after paying the weekly $200 entry at the window. Jason Barnett, the League Treasurer, will be collecting fees and creating a roster with name, email, phone number and and if you want to, provide your birthday (not year) so we can celebrate through the season.

With help from a legal professional who participates in the league, we’ve put together a complete set of rules for everyone to sign off on since so many random issues seem to come up. This will make sure everyone has a full understanding of the League rules and how things work and cover any “what ifs” that can come up. We’ve tweaked a few of the rules so please read. There’s a link to a pdf of the rules on the “about” page as well as at the bottom of this post and we’ll ask you to sign a copy/initial the pages by the time your fee is paid for the season. Versus us making 40+ additional copies please save the pdf for your own copy (or make a copy of what we give you to sign before turning it in).

We look forward to seeing you tonight or by August 24th which is the last night to join the league and still qualify. The sooner the better – you get a point each week for participation and at the end it gets really close on the points!

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