Week 14: Jim Collins & Brett Pope celebrate Black Friday early with a great deal! (They chopped 1st)

After this week’s chop, Jim Collins and Brett Pope have moved into the #2 & #3 spots on the season leaderboard with #1, Joe Parrish, holding a 10 point lead over Jim. It is looking like we’ll likely have 7 Main Event seats plus addition minor seats at our annual week 21 “losers lounge” so lots of seats to award to our members. Last place (cough Andra cough Doc Brown cough) is currently 33 points behind 7th place on the leaderboard so, with 84 points left to win over the next 6 weeks, noone is out if it!

As a reminder: league members mark your calendar- we’ll be playing Monday November 21st as a hurricane makeup night.

For those interested in the league keep following this blog for upcoming details about our spring season starting the first Thursday of January. Expecting 7++ Main Event seats this Spring!

At the feature table it was a chop for Shawn O’Brien & Jason Barnett disappointing both of them.

Clive was all in short and Brett Pope called for the knockout. Clive may have used the word “wanker”.

At the outer table Joe Parrish knocks Donny Campbell out.

Jake Naumann doubled thru Dave Bennett!

Moved to the feature table, Donny Campbell’s QT was good vs Shawn O’Brien who kept jamming his 24bb stack at 300/500. Shawn hit his Q on the flop & jammed but his kicker was a 2.

Brett Pope>Donny Campbell

Tom McDonald QJ > Shawn AQ
Tom jammed the flop for the double up! Tom now had 500K! Not really, it just seems like he always has heaps in every tournament he plays.

Smoky, subbing for Juan DaCosta, doubled through Brett.

Then Smoky cracked Eric Buel’s Aces when he rivered a higher straight than the board

Joe Parrish 45hh > Shawn Jh8x
All in on flop
Shawn out

Ed VanLandings> Victor Iemolo for the knockout

Andra, after losing 44K+ to Brett all in oreflop QQ<KK doubled+ through Jason with 4bb when J8>77. She then called Ed’s shove with AQss but his AKo held. She was out.

Final table!

Jim Collins A9hh> Dave Bennett AK> Craig Rice KJdd
All in preflop

Craig Rice was out 9th
Dave Bennett finished 8th

Ed V JJ> Doc Brown’s J6
Doc out 7th

Brett A9> Ed KQ
Brett doubled!

Brett K6 > Ed AQ
Brett jammed in his small blind position
Ed was out 6th

Eric Buel AQ> Jason Barnett’s A6
Jason out 5th.

Bret QQ > Joe Parrish JJ
Joe out 4th. Joe is currently #1 on the season leaderboard and will be hard to catch for the trophy!

Jim Collins A9ss > Eric Buel A7o
Eric out 3rd-another strong final table for Eric who is 6th on the leaderboard after consistent final tables.

It was a chop for first- Brett Pope & Jim Collins! They are top three on the season leaderboard with 6 weeks of play left!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 chop – Jim Collins/Brett Pope

2. Chop

3. Eric Buel

4. Joe Parrish

5. Jason Barnett

6. Ed VanLandingham

7. Doc Brown

8. Dave Bennett

9. Craig Rice

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