Week 17: Fear the Beard! Darryl takes first!

Matt Mcginnis was subbing for Ryan Marin this week and Ryan is probably pretty happy with his performance with a 3rd place finish and ten more points this week!.

Matt was all in and Tina didn’t put him on an A with the overbet. She was wrong but with a K on the river they chopped the pot

Andra opened 1K, John Gordon called, Mark Winchell 3bet to 5k. Paul Ladisa on Marks left shoved & only Mark called. Paul’s KK>Mark’s JJ

Marv, short, was all in and Tina called for the win.

Mark was all in with AQo and Matt called with KJo. Mark flopped the Q, Matt the J. Matt turned the K & Mark rivered the T for the straight!

Andra was moved to the outer table with about 8K. She more than doubled when she cracked Joe’s AA.

Victor sent the Duckman to the rail!

Back at the outer table Tina’s AA>Mark’s AK for the knockout.

Dave Bennett folded the best hand – 2 pair to Jim Brinkley’s all in. Jim had 33.

Matt McGinnis>John Gordon for the knockout!

At the outer table it was GingerDave Miller, Tima and Austin Fowler. Dave won the hand and Austin was sent to the rail.

Matt McGinnis straight>GingerDave’s set

Victor was our final table bubble vs Jim Brinkley

We had our final table! And Jim Brinkley lost on the river to finish 9th.

Joe has pocket 6 vs Jason. Jason’s quads>Joe’s FH

Darryl 77 flopped set vs joe parrish KK Darryl holds!

Darryl knocks out Joe 7th. Joe shoved open ended. Darryl’s Jack held

Dave B vs John … John had KJ off

Matt (Ryan) doubled with QQ vs Dave Bennett A5hh. Matt min clicked pre off a short stack “not gto” 😅😅and induced Dave Bennet to shove all in flops the world and bricks 🧱

Dave B A 6 off vs Tina K 10 suited Tina riveted a straight. Dave was out 4th.

Matt shoves all in K7 on the button, Darryl folds SB 3 handed but “Ryan Marin” matty ice gets snapped by bb Tina “always has it” Pridgen 😅😅A9 off suit Less than premium

Matt (Ryan) K 7 off vs Tina A 9 off board is blank, Tina wins A high, Matt (Ryan) out 3rd

Darryl and Tina heads up , Darryl hits trip 8s , Tina is out 2nd and Darryl for first …

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Darryl Woodruff

2. Tina Pridgen

3. Ryan (Matt) Marin

4. Dave Bennett

5. Jason Barnett

6. John Iemollo

7. Joe Parrish

8. Paul Ladisa

9. Jim Brinkley

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