Spring League Week 2: Rob is on fire, on a heater, a rush, he was hit by the deck, he’s a cardrack!

Rob Benford came back with a vengeance this week and, after chopping 1st with Steve Trizis this week, took over 1st place from Dugg during this second week of the league.  Rob flopped pocket rockets, bullets, American Airlines aka pocket Aces 6 times!  5 of them in a fairly short span of time.   Every time the AA held up which is even more unusual.  No cracked Aces for Rob!   This was in addition to the ladies twice and a pair of dimes twice.  He also flopped a set four times early in the tournament.  Rob has final tabled 9 out of the last 10 league tournaments that he has played.  That sh*t be cray yo!!!


Steve did chop first so he’s back in his normal form and will now be a force to be reckoned with.  He’s amazing, not only playing great poker but also simultaneously handling brush duties when needed.  Last season Steve was the one to beat so this is probably the start of something BIG!

Dugg was only giving everyone else a chance this week.  He will be back in it next week he assures everyone.

Some notable players were out early.  Tonia raised to 300 and Gino called.  Gascard (Mike Collins as he is known outside of poker circles) re-raised to 1150 and Gino, undeterred called.  Tonia folded.  img_5715Gascard bet 1500 on the flop of 5h 8c 2c and Gino called again.  Gascard bet 3500 on the Th turn and Gino shoved.  Gascard called with QQ and that’s all she wrote for Gino and his A2 when the river was a 4d.

There was a three way all in when blinds were still 25/50 with Cyndi KK, Jason KK and Sherry QQ and the Kings chopped.  Fortunately Sherry is a short stack specialist and came back later to make the final table.

There were two big hands with Tonia, Reno and new league member Clive.  First a 3 way all in:  Reno holding AQ, Tonia AQ and Clive KQ.  There was a Q on the floimg_5716p and in the end the AQs won the hand.

The next big hand between the three involved Clive with 88, Tonia with KQ and Reno with QJ.  With a Q86 rainbow flop Tonia and Reno were in trouble.  It was a huge hand for Clive.img_5717

Chrissy was out when her AA were cracked by one of the new players this season, Dave Osborne, who won with 10-2 off.   She went and played the 6pm at Andra’s table and took it out on them.

Mark was getting short and was able to double up through that stack Clive had won with when his QQ>TT.  Mark Winchell is new this season after taking last season off.  img_5703He’s played a couple seasons before and was pretty consistent with final tables before the current point structure, which rewards all final table participants, was in place.  How can he lose, he was married to Andra this past summer in the famous Ivey room with Kara Scott as a guest!

Rob shoved with 33 at one point on a 3d 2h Td flop when Jim “All In” Brinkley (as he is affectionately known) woke up with A2dd.  Jim couldn’t get away from his nut flush draw and it was a huge bump up in Rob’s stack.img_5718-1

There was some fist bumping going on when Ed won a huge hand against the new Ken (Ken O’Donnell) when he went all in on the river.

Steve was all in against Dave Osborne and his K9o>8Thh.  Dave flopped a straight when the flop was 679sss, the turn was a 9d and the river a 6.   Steve “sucked out on the river” with a full house and Dave was out of ammunition.  In Steve’s defense, he did flop top pair.

There was a three way all in post flop QK5 rainbow with Derek Worley holding TT, Allen 5-7, and Ken Brown K-5. The turn was a 7.  The K-5 held and Ken chipped up. img_5720

One of Rob’s numerous AA hands went down like this:  Rob raised to 4500 UTG.  Steve smooth called with QQ, Deborah Farmer called and Don Dean called in the BB.  The flop was 10c4c2x.  Don shoved, Rob called and Steve told Don “I have you beat” and folded his QQ.  Deb folded.  Don has TJcc, Rob his AA for the win. Don Dean out.  Pretty awesome read by Steve.  Later Steve knocked Deborah Farmer TT>55.

The final table in order of finish for week two:

  1. Rob Benford and Steve Trizis chopped
  2.  see 1. above
  3. Ken “New Ken” O’Donnell
  4. Ken “original Ken” Brown
  5. Sherry “short stack specialist” Wiseman
  6. Ed Sojack
  7. Clive Gavin
  8. Deb Farmer
  9. Don Dean
  10. Mike Gascard Collins

For those players who are discouraged by not making a final table yet, note that last season Rob did not make a final table until week 6 when he finished 6th.  After 12 weeks he had only made 3 final tables and he ended up finishing well and won a Main Event package!  This structure gives plenty of room for catching up!

Want to play? Contact Steve Trizis (see the about page) asap, you must play 15/20 weeks but still time to join as of now.