Week 4: Oh good, the Godfather is back.

Weeks four of the league was all about Steve Trizis who, once the final table was set, practically knocked every player out himself. Not all but pretty darn close.

At the feature table, Steve was all in early and Doc Brown called

They should both be embarrassed…

Alex was all for 4400 and it folded to John Gordon who asked if he wanted him to call. Alex said yes and they were heads up preflop. A 4 on the turn sent Alex to the window.

Steve announced that rebuy was ending soon and Doc Brown immediately went all in for about 5400. Steve called but Doc flopped a 2 for a double up. Nice try Steve…

Ur boy turned the str8, Andries shoved all in Mark called, Andrus hit Q to boat up on river 🤪🤪🤪

Andra raised to 1100, Steve rr to 2200 & Doc shoved about 7000+. Andra folded her AQo in disgust and the board ran out with two more aces and a queen. Steve’s TT>Doc’s 88 for the knockout.

John doubled up through Steve when he shoved his Kx and Steve, who has been folding a lot and being much quieter than earlier, called with 44. Steve should know 44 only works for John. With a K on the board John doubled up.

At the outer table

Super Dave AA
Andrea wimpily mucks

Joe’s 77 were no good this one time and Steve doubled to stay alive!

In another hand Steve had quad fives and Joe found a fold.

On the final table bubblr, Clive doubled up through Steve.

The next hand it was Steve AT>Clive A6 for the knock out.

We had our final table!

In our first table hand Tima doubled through Mark 99>KJ

Then Tina doubled through SuperDave with a full house.

Mark was all in but ran into Joe “77” Parrish for the knockout

Steve “The Godfather” Trizis then had an amazing streak of run good (that’s the only explanation for him being successful on the felt.

John was all in for 8500. Joe called, Lori called from SB. Steve called from BB with JQ.

Flop K-9-5xxc. Check around
Turn 10c. Steve bet. Joe folds. Lori called for less with A-9cc.

Steve’s straight held.

John out 7th
Lori 6th.

Steve now had heaps and was bullying the table.

He won 6 hands in a row and had 160K of 250K total chips

AIPF. Super Dave had the 10’s. Steve had the other hand. SuperDave out 5th

Tina 4th.
Steve’s K-9o vs her A-3o

Steve hit a king.

Joe took out Chrissy.
Her Q-8
his A-Q.
He held.

Steve and Joe were heads up!

Joe 2-2
Steve QQ.

The end

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Steve Trizis

2. Joe Parrish

3. Chrissy Holubeck

4. Tina Pridgen

5. Super Dave Kaucher

6. Lori Vatrano Schulte

7. John Gordon

8. Mark Winchell

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