Week 15: George Imes gets two in a row!

We’ve completed 15 weeks of our 20 week season. With 70 final table points still available all eligible players can still win a seat and many players are very close to each other in points. If we average 27 players per week for the last five weeks, including rebuys, we will have enough funds to buy in 8 players to the WSOP Main Event this year in addition to the 7 winners from last season! Qualified league members share 10% of the proceeds from cashes there!

Mo was getting short stacked after falling victim to Andra’s slow played Jacks (he rivered trip sixes and she rivered FH) and he was all in vs RedHat Dave Menosky. His 9 paired on the flop over RHD’s 77 for a double.

Jacob’s KK was best and he sent Mo packing. Jacob was bb, At 400/800 Andra Zachow opened 2bb, Mo made it 4bb and Jacob made it about 8500. Mo called. On a Q high flop Mo was all in and Jacob called with KK and held.

Rob, ss, was all in and Jacob woke up with KK. Rob got lucky and hit two pair to double up through Jake’s HUGE stack.

At the new feature table Rob was all in and George, with heaps, called. They both hit the board but George rivered two pair.

Jackie, short stacked, was all in and Jacob called she turned over JJ and Jake, for the 3rd time tonight, turned over AA!

Steve AIPF vs Jim Collins

Thang AI for 4900 A8cc
Steve Call
Jim C raise 12k
Austin AI having everyone covered
Steve fold
Jim fold
Austin JJ

Jim C AQ>Rob’s A9

Allen, playing for Mike, doubled through Christian

Jason was out, Peter out at the outer table and ready to combine into the final table!

In a double knockout, George’s AA was best! Christian was 9th, Jim 8th.

RHDave doubled through George

Mark’s QQ held and he doubled through George
Chrissy doubled through George

George AK>Austin A3cc
Austin 6th

Chrissy QQ> Mark 66
Out 5th

George 99> RHD AK

George J7ss>Steve JJ
Steve 3rd at 12:57 am. It was well past his bedtime.

In the end it was George T7♠︎♠︎> Chrissy AJ. George was first for the 2nd week in a row and Chrissy 2nd. This leapfrogs both of them up the season leaderboard – Chrissy into 2nd on the season leaderboard after her 3rd place last week and this week’s top 2 finish!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. George Imes

2. Chrissy Holubeck

3. Steve Trizis

4 RedHat Dave Menosky

5. Mark Winchell

6. Austin Fowler

7. Mike Ozer

8. Jim Collins

9. Christian Ramsey

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