Week 5: The biggest Wall EVER! AKA Monster Stack!It’s chop for Andrea “The Dragon” Ruosi and Matt “The Good Trizis” Trizis

As Jason Barnett arrived sporting his usual Bronze God appearance, Marv “the Duckman” noticed that, due to the chill of the poker room, Jason’s nipples were rather pronounced. That set the tone for the evening.

At the feature table, Andra, wearing a jacket to avoid similar comments, was channeling her inner Duckman when her 22 flopped a set and Dugg stayed until the end.

Marv then turned trip sevens against Brenda Worley, but that didn’t qualify for the duck call.

At the outer table it was Ed Vanlandingham ’s 10-10 < Dave Bennett’s 9-J

In another early evening all in, SuperDave Kaucher shoved into Derek Worley’s AA.

At the out table Steve Trizis was sent to the rail. According to Steve “Me 5-7cc. Vs Ed’s AxAc. The mother#%*€£€. Rivered me.”

Steve rebought and about thirty minutes later he again lamented “Me 3-4 on a limped pre. I was BB.”

On the 1st break one of the outer tables had this MONSTER STACK. Later we found out it belonged to Michael Laake.

After break Brenda Worley raised to 3K, Andra shoved AIPF and Brenda’s QQ bested Andra’s JJ

We were down to 2 tables after Andra’s bust out hand, or as she called it, variance. The other players felt it was bad decision making when she lost half of her chips to Marv prior to the Brenda hand

Dave Bennett was the next out, counterfeited by Derek Worley.

Brenda who could do no wrong earlier, had her luck turn when her 2 pair <Andrea Ruosi’s set of sevens. Andrea was now the new Monster Stack in town.


Jeff Gordon was the final table bubble when his suited A could not improve and, of course, Andrea Ruosi’s 3 hit a pair.

We had our final table!

Mark, with 1k behind in the big blind doubled through the chip leader, Andrea Ruosi, with 44.

Dave Miller doubled through Matt Trizis with QT

Mark Winchell was out 9th when Dave Miller hit his Ace.

Derek Worley finished 8th and Michael Laake 7th.

Wally found a double through Andrea AK<Wally’s AQ

After Ed V & Pirate Dave Miller busted 6th and 5th, Marv “The Duckman” went out 4th.

Wally was out 3rd A3 against Andrea’s A10.

In the end it was a chop between Andrea “The Wall” Ruosi and Matt “Gets to Sleep In” Trizis.

With this 1st place chop, Andrea Ruosi moves up to tie in 1st place with Jeremy Becker on the summer season leaderboard.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. CHOP: Andrea Ruosi & Matt Trizis


3. Wally Maddah

4. Marvin Karlins

5. Pirate Dave Miller

6. Ed Vanlandingham

7. Michael Laake

8. Derek Worley

9. Mark Winchell

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