Category: Fall 2022

Week 15: Even Mount Vesuvius couldn’t beat Peter Pompeii! (If Mount Vesuvius played poker)

Week 15 found Peter Pompeii on top! Peter is a new member this season and is in great shape holding 10th place after moving up 5 spots. We’ll have at least 7 Main Event seats plus minor seats with leftover funds. With 5 weeks left in the season noone is out of it yet as long a they meet the attendance requirements!

Week 14: Jim Collins & Brett Pope celebrate Black Friday early with a great deal! (They chopped 1st)

After week 14’s chop, Jim Collins and Brett Pope have moved into the #2 & #3 spots on the season leaderboard with #1, Joe Parrish, holding a 10 point lead over Jim. It is looking like we’ll likely have 7 Main Event seats plus addition minor seats at our annual week 21 “losers lounge” so lots of seats to award to our members. Last place is currently 33 points behind 7th place on the leaderboard so, with 84 points left to win over the next 6 weeks, noone is out if it!