Week 9: Nick Zivolich on top!

After the bi week – caused by Hurricane Ian- we were back!

When the J came on the turn Herb’s TT gave him the straight but Joel had hit the higher straight with QT – a double for Joel.

Jim Collin’s QQ>Juan DaCosta’s TT fot the knockout

Andra’s 55 shove was a bad decision vs Shawn OBrien’s AK and Dave Bennet’s JJ. Shawn rivered the flush. Apparently they became nits.

At the outer table it was “Welcome to the table” for Tom McDonald

Back at the feature table, Joe Parrish was lamenting that, yet again, Craig Rice was in the hand with him. Craig beat him, yet again, this time with quads!

At the break we celebrated Eric Buel’s birthday!

Jake Naumann was all in and chopped with Andra KJ=KJ

Marsha Wolak’s 44 <Jim Collin’s AQ for the knockout!

Jake was all in with KK and Andra called with A9. By mistake.

At the out table Donny Campbell was out when TT<Ed & Shawn’s AKs – K on the river!

Doc 88>Dave Miller QJ….and Ginger Dave was out!

Andra was all in short with A4cc. Jason Barnett called with TT & rivered the flush after she flopped two pair.

Joe Parrish KK>Mark Winchell >77

Final Table!

Jacob’s AK>Shawn’s AJ for a double!

Jacob’s AQ>Jim Collins A8. Jim called for a 88 flop but it backfired and Jim was out 9th.

Eric Buel finished 8th and then Clive Gavin 7th. Ed VanLandingham out 6th.

Jason dubs thru Shawn
AK>JJ Aipf

Shawn AA>Joe P QQ Aipf

Joe out 5th

Nick A6 Jake AK. Jake out 4th

Nick AA>Jason QQ. Jason out 3rd

It was heads up between Nick and Shawn and Nick took it down!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Nick Zivolich

2. Shawn O’Brien

3. Jason Barnett

4. Jacob Naumann

5. Joe Parrish

6. Ed VanLandingham

7. Clive Gavin

8. Eric Buel

9. Jim Collins

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