Week 4: Brett Pope comes over from the cash streets to get the win!

The league welcomed league alum Wally Maddah substituting for Nick Zivolich this week.

This was the last week to join for the fall season. Our next season will start in early January.

Following are some hands from the night:

At the feature table, Darryl Woodruff was all in but short and Dan was tanking. Finally Dan Johnson called and Darryl announced two pair, Dan thought a bit then turned over his two pair- A7 with his 7 pairing the board. Darryl realized his 2 pair -A5ss – was NOT two pair – he thought he had a Jack. Dan’s 7 was good.

Dan chipped up again when Steve Deloach’s AJ<Dan’s AK

Meanwhile at an outer table Juan DaCosta busted Steve “The Godfather “ Trizis A9>A3! Darn 🤣

Thang Phu>Bill McGown

Brett Pope, a degen from the cash streets, hit a set all in vs Thang Phu

Clive Gavin’s trip tens bested Mark Winchell’s QQ

At the outer table Jim Collins doubles up with quad jacks against Dugg’s AQ.

Brett>Mark for the knockout. They used to be friends.

We had our final table!

Marv “Duckman” Karlins finished 9th

Thang Phu finished 8th

Walt Rossi out 7th

Alan Thomas was 6th

Dan Johnson’s AK>Juan DaCosta’s 88 for a double up!

Brett AK> Juan DaCosta’s KT
Juan 5th

Ed VanLandinghams’s KJ> Tom McDonald’s A7. Tom out 4th

Brett KTss > Dan Johnon’s A2
Dan 3rd

Brett vs Ed Heads up


Brett QT > Ed 95
Brett doubled up!

Brett A4> Ed 88
Ed 2nd

The week 4 champ was Brett Pope who luckboxed his way to a win! Brett won a Main Event seat last Fall and is playing as a team with Jacob Naumann this season.

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Brett Pope

2. Ed VanLandingham

3. Dan Johnson

4. Tom McDonald

5. Juan DaCosta

6. Alan Thomas

7. Walt Rossi

8 Thang Phu

9. Marv Karlins

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