“Week 9 Showdown: Jacob Naumann & Eric Klatt Rise to the Top”

As we reach the end of week 9, we are thrilled to announce that we have successfully secured 4 WSOP Main Event entry seats! With 11 weeks remaining, there are still 154 points up for grabs, granting every dedicated member who meets the attendance criteria a chance to win an entry!

Taking a glance at the leaderboard, Dan Johnson reigns supreme with an impressive 59 points, closely followed by Eric Klatt, who trails behind by just 10 points with a total of 49, securing the second position. Not far behind, Karl Man is hot on their heels with a commendable 47 points, securing a solid third place position.

Notable hands are below.

Alan Thomas tank called with a straight on a very wet board after Mike Ozer made an 8k river bet still at 300/500 blinds. Mike was making a move and Alan’s call paid off.

After flopping trips vs Andra’s KK and chipping up Juan called Mike Ozer’s 11k all in with 99. By the river Juan had Quads!

Andra turned a K for trips to crack Steve Deloach’s AA

He followed up with AA again vs Juan to win some chips back.

Steve then hit a straight versus Cecil Riddle for the knockout.

A double for Darryl vs Alan Thomas

…and again through Rob Cotto

So we had an all in at both tables 10 handed
Alan T > Rob
Alan had Top pair and nut flush redraw vs Flopped K high flush
Alan rivers Nut

Austin KK over Dugg A4

Rob had more chips so he got 9th

Final Table
Joe Parrish’s KK vs Darryl
Joe P 99 > Austin AQ
Austin 6th
Jacob AK> Joe P K8
Joe 5th
Eric AA > Dan QQ
Dan 4th
Jacob AJ> Alan A8
Alan 3rd

A chop for Jacob Naumann & Eric Klatt

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Jacob Naumann/ Eric Klatt

2. Chop

3. Alan Thomas

4. Dan Johnson

5. Joe Parrish

6. Austin Fowler

7. Jason Barnett

8. Darryl Woodruff

9. Rob Cotto