Week 5: Shawn O’Brien takes 1st!

Summary of week 5 action:

At the feature table About 30 seconds into level 1 Darryl and Jacob were betting big. In the end Jacob folded to Darryl’s river bet. Luckily. Darryl had quad fours!

Shortly after the quad fours Darryl was at it again vs Steve Trizis with Quad Sevens! Steve was kind of quiet. He did gets some chips back from Andra Zachow set over set.

Andra opened 600, Juan called, Dan Johnson rr to 2600. Andra folded, Juan called. On the flop Juan bet 6000, Dan instashoved. Juan folded.

Jacob took most of Tom’s and then he was out

Then Darryl was Jacob’s next victim

Shawn O’Brien doubled Steve up!

Shawn>Dan for the knockout. No flush.

A double for Tom McDonald vs Shawn

Andra was all in with about 10k at 400/800 and Mike Ozer, after limping in, called. Andra’s AA was good

At the outer table it was Shawn’s 55>Steve’s ATdd sending Steve Home.

About am hour late We had our final table of nine.

Cecil AK> Jacob AQ on the river to double Cecil

Leo AA> Alan Q9ss
Leo Doubled. Shortly after that Eric Klatt finished 9th, busted by Shawn. Alan finished 8th shortly after doubling Leo.

Aaron 77> Shawn AT
Aaron dub

Leo KK > Jim C A5
Jim out 7th

Shawn A2hh > Jacob 77
Jacob 6th

Shawn 22 > Mark AK
Mark 5th

Aaron KK > Leo A8ss
Huge double up

In the end Shawn O’Brien emerged victorious!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Shawn O’Brien

2. Aaron Thivyanathan

3. Leo Govoni

4. Cecil Riddle

5. Mark Winchell

6. Jacob Naumann

7. Jim “JDawg” Collins

8. Alan Thomas

9. Eric Klatt

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