Week 3: New Member Eric Klatt Takes First!

Week three of the league is complete and the season leaderboard has changed again with the Karl Man/Clive Gavin team in first place after Karl finished third this week. New member Eric Klatt was the winner this week after defeating area notable John “Muscles” Gordon. Next week, August 24th, is the last chance to join the Fall season as you must play or have a sub 17 weeks of the 20 week season.

Tournament recap

At the outer table Joe Parrish 5555 > Ed VanLandingham mucked

At the feature table Shawn’s AA stayed alive after Alan jammed and Shawn snap called.

After losing heaps to Shawn O’Brien in the previous hand, Alan Thomas jammed his remaining stack after Andra opened and Eric Klatt reraised.

Andra rejammed and Eric folded. Andra had A3dd and Alan AKo. With a straight by the turn (Darryl called for the card on her behalf) Andra won the hand, Alan was sent back to the window.

Back at the outer table Joe Parrish’s AK > Steve Deloach’s QQ

Steve was out

Herb Woodbery was playing for Team Steve Trizis/Herb Woodbery this week but forgot to bring Steve’s horseshoe.

Steve sent a special message to players via text before the game but it backfired. Dugg Hadden got the knockout with a straight flush 5/8 over Herb’s flush for a big pot. Steve’s plea to let his partner win failed.

After break, and the end of rebuys, Darryl Woodruff was all in. Shawn called and Darryl flopped a straight for the double!

Down to three tables, Twitch Anderson and Ed VanLandingham were moved to the feature table with a warm welcome!

Darryl Woodruff was all in and Shawn called doubling Darryl up!

On a spade board Shawn bet and Ed VanLandingham, for the umpteenth time, jammed. Karl tanked for about 10 minutes. Or 3 1/2. He called 18,900. Shawn folded. Ed had a flush and Karl AK with A♠︎, 2♠︎ on the turn gave Karl the nut flush for the win.

Karl rivered the A to knock Chrissy out with KK and devastating the table, all huge Chrissy fans

Joe Parrish was all in vs Mike Ozer. Mike flopped 2 pair with A7 and Joe said goodbye and got up. A Jack gave Joe 2 pair AJ and he sat back down.

Eric Klatt’s KK>John Gordon’s AQ for a big pot!

We had our final table of 9!

Tom McDonald was out 9th vs Joe Parrish

Andra Zachow finished 8th, Jason Barnett was out 7th

Eric’s AA<Walt’s KTc. Walt 6th

John “Muscles” Gordon QJhh> Karl M 33
Muscles dub

Eric Klatt 67dd> Jim Collins 89cs
Jim 5th

Muscles A9> Joe Parrish A6. Joe finished 4th this week.

Karl QQ> Muscles 65cc to double up, but then Eric TT > Karl AT.
Karl Man finished 3rd

In the end it was Eric Klatt defeating John “Muscles” Gordon!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Eric Klatt

2. John Gordon

3. Karl Man

4. Joe Parrish

5. Jim Collins

6. Walt Rossi

7. Jason Barnett

8. Andra Zachow

9. Tom McDonald

It’s not too late to join the league – last week of registration is Thursday August 24th! Go to http://www.TampaBayPoker.com/about for full details!

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