Week 2: The Godfather gets the win!

The Elite Tampa Bay Poker League plays two 20 week seasons a year at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL. The goal of the league is to send as many members as possible to play the $10K WSOP Main Event held each summer in Las Vegas. Registration is still open – go to http://www.TampaBayPoker.com/about for full details. Fall season registration ends 8/24/23.

New players this week Dan Johnson, Leo Govani & Aaron Thivyanathan bring us up to 35 players that have participated in the League so far (Teams count as 1 player).

Lee Tran substituted for Joe Parrish this week and had a massive stack by the time we got to the final table and Mike Ozer was up there too. Mike had a similar stack week one too!

Chrissy brought cupcakes to celebrate Juan DaCosta’s birthday which fell on League Night. Happy Birthday to Ed VanLandingham too who celebrated his birthday on Friday. The League is about competition and getting rich playing the WSOP Main Event – every player’s dream, but it’s also about friendship with a group of people with a lot in common.

Hand Highlights

With blinds at 100/200 at the feature table Shawn O’Brien opened 600 and Ed VanLandingham called. Shawn jammed the flop but Ed had hit two pair. A paired board counterfeited Ed and Shawn’s AA was good. The Universe was as it should be.

Clive and his amazing jacket headed out

At the feature table blinds were 300/600 and there was a raise to 1300. Rob Cotto, Andra Zachow & Alan Thomas called. Shawn O’Brien jammed. After a few folds Alan Thomas called. Shawn turned over AQss but Alan’s KK held. Andra said Bob Scholz would be proud, she folded TT.

Brett Pope’s Kings full of sixes>Shawn’s Kings full of twos

Brett was all in with AA and Lee Tran, another lucky substitute (playing for Joe Parrish) hit trip nines for the knockout.

Steve Trizis jammed and Leo Govani doubled him up

After being super short, Chrissy Holubeck doubled through Steve Trizis and made the final table!

What a good looking group of people
Ed’s K9 was best and Jim finished with a final table point

Ed VanLandingham K9> Jim Collins TT
Jim C 9th

Steve had a big comeback

Steve AJ> Lee KJ
Steve dub (doubled up). Mike Ozer won a big hand from Lee before the Steve hand

We’ll never hear the end of this…

Steve QQ> Mike Ozer 78
Steve Dub and was the new chipleader

Lee AK> Derek Csanadi KQ for a double up

Derek A7> Ed V K8
Derek Dub

Go Chrissy gooooooooo LFGOOOOOOO

Chrissy 93ss> As9c
Chrissy was forced all in in the Bb
Chrissy dub

Derek Csanadi JJJ> Walt Rossi AT
Walt out 8th

Life is unfair, Chrissy is Duckman’s partner, how could she lose to 22?

Mike Ozer 222> Chrissy AKhh
Chrissy Holubeck 7th

There was a lot of battling going on after Chrissy left and here, in picture form, is the rest of the night….

Lee, subbing for Joe Parrish, had a monster stack all night!

Steve “The Godfather” Trizis took first this week! He said, of his finish, “I think I took out the last four players with bad beats”. How he was still awake at 1:15am is beyond us. He was short before the final table but spun it up for the win!

Mike Ozer had heaps at the final table last week and this week! With this 2nd place finish Mike now tops the season leaderboard! At least there is some consolation to losing to Steve’s 82 off suit.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1. Steve Trizis
  2. Mike Ozer
  3. Ed VanLandingham
  4. Lee Tran (Joe Parrish)
  5. Tom McDonald
  6. Derek Csanadi
  7. Chrissy Holubeck
  8. Walt Rossi
  9. Jim Collins

Registration still open!

Week Three of the league is next Thursday, August 17th at 6:30pm at Derby Lane in St. Pete. Registration ends August 24th but best to join asap as each week is worth a point and to qualify you must play 17 of 20 weeks. Go to http://www.TampaBayPoker.com/about for full details!

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