Week 6: A chop for John “Muscles” Gordon & Tina “always has it” Pridgen

At the feature table Andra arrived late and quickly gave Tina 6k

Shortly after that Vegas Dave, short, shoved his remaining 4K +|- and Andra shoved her 9K.

Both hit the flop but AK was best

Doc 66> Lori KQ for the knockout

First Break

John’s AA > Doc Brown’s JJ for the knockout

Vegas Dave raised, John reraised & Andra shoved AK with 12bb. Dave folded and John tabled 99. Andra missed the flop & the rest and was out. She’s lost her mojo this season after tremendous success in the prior two seasons and only has one person below her on the leaderboard – because he’s only played two weeks…..

Clive was out 8th when Tima’s QT>Clive’s J2.

Tina’s AQcc>Joe’s Q8. Joe out 7th

Mark then doubled with AA through John Gordon

Mark doubled through Andrea

Tina A3>Andrea Ruosi’s JT for the knockout

SuperDave KJcc>Mark AK to stay alive and leave Mark with just a few chips. Ouch.

Mark out 5th with his last 3k in and 3 callers. Jason’s shitty two pair was good vs Mark’s J that paired.

Jason was out 4th when John flopped trip 4s vs Jason’s A8 two pair on the flop.

SuperDave was out third.

In the end Tina Pridgen and John Gordon chopped first place although Tina did say “I did have more chips”.

The Final Table in order of finish was:

1 – Chop Tina “Always has it” Pridgen & John “Muscles” Gordon

3. SuperDave Kaucher

4. Jason “The Nit” Barnett

5. Mark “The Shark” Winchell

6. Andrea “The Dragon” Ruosi

7. Joe “77” Parrish

8. Clive “The Wanker” Gavin

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