Weeks quaranteen through quaranteen: Andra still on top. Because we can’t play.

So the League has been on hiatus since week 11. The League thought it was best to stop playing as a shutdown had begun in this area due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Shortly after that Derby Lane and all of the other area rooms were closed.  Now Florida is completely shut down except for essential businesses.  Fortunately for Steve “The Godfather” Trizis and his son Matt, restaurants are allowed to continue img_1956operating with take out/delivery only.  Several league members enjoyed delicious Easter meals today from Country Skillet.   Please continue patronizing the Skillet so we can continue to win Steve’s money after all of this ends.

Matt Trizis has a Poker Stars Home Games club going so that our league members and other area friends and Trizis family members can socialize virtually. Text Matt or Steve for info on the club before joining so you know the rules etc.  The Club ID number is #3438098, the Invite code is Clearwater.

So how many of you have found that you could actually retire if you didn’t play live poker so much?  I thought so.

League member Mark Winchell celebrated his birthday April 11th.  Are their any other April birthdays in the league?  Here’s to you!

So will the WSOP go on this year?  There have been a lot of articles, intereviews, opinions on whether or not the WSOP will go on this year.  I doubt it will start at the end of May, but with so many events and the length of the series, there is a pretty good chance that the Main Event will happen as scheduled or later in the Fall if necessary.  Andra has indicated that if the Main Event is scheduled during her “last tax season of the year” (the extended due date of 10/15 for tax returns) she will quit her job to play (or at least not be at work at that time).  That’s pretty hard core.  Please comment with your opinion as to what will happen with the WSOP.

For the time being, in between Netflix (that Ozark show was crazy, next up Tiger King) and online poker, stay safe and we’ll keep you updated with any developments on the League, the WSOP and anything else we feel you should know.



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