Week 17: Short Stack Specialist Andra Zachow stages a HUGE comeback to get a win!

Short Stack Specialist Andra Zachow

Anthony Pellegrini was playing for Andrea Ruosi and Marv “the Duckman” Karlins shoved KK. Anthony’s AA held for a full double at the start of the night.

At 100/200 Andra Zachow chopped the pot with Ed VanLandingham when they both rivered the straight. Ed bet 1200 on the river, Matt Trizis called. Andra raised to 4000 and Ed jammed. Andra called hoping Ed didn’t have 9T, he didn’t.

Marv prematurely showed his set of twos in a hand with Anthony P. Anthony stayed for another card but folded when the Duckman stated that he had quad twos.

Steve Trizis, playing for Mark Wiser, was all in and got the double.

At 200/400 Brandon Byars, playing for Wally, called a 4K raise from the Duckman. The flop was 22J. Terrifying.

Marv then caught trip Jacks to put a huge dent in Brandon’s stack.

Andra’s A2 held for a double up! She is a renowned short stack specialist due to years of experience with short stacks.

Ed doubled through Steve Trizis leaving Steve on fumes!

Andra Zachow shoved, Jacob Naumann called and Jeff Gordon shoved for less. Jeff KK, Jacob JJ, Andra AQ. Jeff’s KK held and Andra turned a Q for the side pot to chip her up a little.

Matt Trizis doubled through the Duckman. Marv out 9th

SuperDave got one through when he shoved and no callers.

Anthony Pellegrini was out 8th.

After Jeff Gordon was out 7th, Ed VanLandingham, short, doubled through Andra Zachow.

Ginger Dave Miller got the knockout, sending SuperDave Kaucher to the rail 6th,

Ed got a HUGE double through Ginger Dave Miller.

GingerDave Miller was then out 5th when Ed VanLandingham had the best hand.

With four players left, Andra, short, doubled through Matt Trizis who had the big stack most of the final table.

Ed, a bit short, then doubled through Jacob Naumann who had a pretty big stack.

Andra Zachow then doubled through Ed when her AJ>his AK. Poker is all about skill….

Ed was all in short and was disappointed when he chopped the pot with Jacob Naumann who already had plenty of chips.

Ed then doubled through Matt in the game that was never going to end.

Matt then doubled through Jacob.

Ed was out when Andra’s A9dd was best. We were down to 3 players.

Andra Zachow got the knockout and huge chip up when her QQ>KJhh! Matt Trizis out 3rd.

We were heads up: Pro Player Jacob Naumann versus local amateur Andra “Taxgirl” Zachow

Quad sevens helped Andra a bit
Andra took a chance, it is Derby Lane, and her K9 gave her the win.

In the end Andra Zachow was the winner this week, squeezing into the group of players who still have a chance to win a $10K seat next week if everything goes in her favor & we have the necessary participation!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Andra Zachow

2. Jacob Naumann

3 Matt Trizis

4 Ed VanLandingham

5. GingerDave Miller

6. SuperDave Kaucher

7. Jeff Gordon

8. Andrea “Tony Pellegrino” Ruosi

9. Marv Karlins

From the Godfather:

Hi All.
Next week is the last week of the summer session. Attendance has fallen dramatically the last few weeks and consequently we are losing one minor seat.

Prizes will be.
1st thru 5th $10,000 for the main event.
6th a $2000 package. ($1500 + $500 travel)

This leaves $1500 plus whatever we bring in next week for the final money event – The Losers Lounge Freeroll that is not Free- on Friday night Oct 1.

Hopefully attendance is better this coming week.

Whether you are out of it, or have already clinched a seat, good sportsmanship dictates that you should show up for this week’s tourney. While Jeremy and Brenda are guaranteed a seat, spots 3 through 9 are still fighting for the remaining three Main Event seats and minor seat. If only they showed up, it would be impossible for the one in 7th, 8th or 9th place to advance. Put yourself in their place. In addition, every Penny of the WSOP money this week goes to the freeroll, so you aren’t losing anything if you haven’t clinched.

If this doesn’t convince you to play, please let me know why, so we can improve this next session.

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