Week 6: Bad beats, more substitutes and a win for Eric Buel!

Players that couldn’t make it tonight planned ahead and had some strong substitutes this week – but not Ari Engel. Erin O’Toole played for Susan McPherson, Matt for Donny Campbell, Robert Slagel for Shawn O’Brien, Steven Vogel for Brett Pope, and Michael Laake for Marsha Wolak.

Quads started the night and GingerDave Miller was the victim and had to fold the second time.

Austin Fowler TT> GingerDave Miller AA

JDawg Collins opened, Austin 3bet, and then GingerDave 4bet to 4K preflop and 5 saw the flop!

Quad tens on the river sent GingerDave to the rail on his second hand (after losing a strong Ax to a weak Ax on his first hand)

Dave had The Aces and was sent to the window

Ginger Dave was back in the game at the feature table. This time he opened 1200 with Victor Iemolo and Doc Brown calling. Flop QQ6. Dave had KK, Victor had a Q and Doc Brown 66. By the river Doc had quad sixes!

At the outer table Herb 33 > Jim C A4

No luck for Ginger Dave so he went home to watch foorball (or on the other side of the poker room to play the $80 tournament we found out later).

Jacob was out when Steven’s Aces were best

Dave won the hand too after he had some help with the hot tea he spilled! That’s a win!

Doc was out when Brett Pope’s substitute Steve Vogel’s TT was best!

A double for Matt who was substituting for Donny Campbell!

Despite losing, Clive still had chips

Michael Laake’s AA>Mark Winchell’s KK for a full double. Mark had heaps before this.

A full double for Clive with AQo!

Steven Vogel won a MONSTER pot vs Michael Laake

And Clive took the rest

Andra was out-She hit a straight & Joe rivered a full house, then 56 on fumes <Clive for the knockout!

Matt hit his K but a 4 on the river made quads on the board and Steve Vogel’s A high won! Ouch!!!

We had our final table

Jason was the first out when 77> his straight draw

Joe Parrish TT > Cecil Riddle A5
Cecil finished 8th

Joe Parrish KK> Clive’s 22
Clive out 7th

Eric Buel’s AQ> Joe P AT
Eric had a full double!

Tom McDonald’s JJ > Mark Winchell’s ATss blind vs blind. Tom recently ran super deep in the WPT Main over at the Hard Rock. He credits his play in the league for the skills needed to achieve this!

Mark out 6th

Joe P T9> Steve Vogel (Brett Pope’s sub) AK. Steve had a great stack most of the night – definitely a good sub for Brett!

Eric Buel’s A8> Steve Trizis’ K9

Steve Vogel (sub) K8hh> Steve QQ
Steve out 5th because he slow rolled him

Eric’s A7> Joe P’s 66

Steve Vogel’s (sub) AJ > Joe P AT
Joe Parrish was out 4th

Eric AK > Bret (sub) 99

Eric 86cc > Bret (sub) K4 for the win!

Eric AA> Tom KK
Tom 3rd

The final table in order of finish was:

1. Eric Buel

2. Brett (Steve Vogel) Pope

3. Tom McDonald

4. Joe Parrish

5. Steve Trizis

6. Mark winchell

7. Clive Gavin

8. Cecil

9. Jason Barnett

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