Week 18: Ann and Clive chop & move up!!!

We had a great turnout as we wind down the season with four weeks left! It was a night of bad beats!

Fil 8-10 vs Dereks Q—10. All in on the flop. Fil was drawing pretty slim. But got there.

Rob’s Aces > SuperDave, Chrissy & Ed in an early multiway all in

Ed Wheel >Gerry set of fours

Ann 99 > Ed AJ Ann got a full house!

Rob QQ>Muscles 99

Andra AT♦️♦️>SuperDave 77 for the knockout with trip tens.

Ed A♦️5x> Matt Q♦️Jx for the knockout with the nut flush.

Andrea Ruosi A8♠️♠️>Sherry Wiseman KQ for the knockout

Ann 23♠️♠️ > Andrea Ruosi 58♠️♠️ for the knockout

Steve’s 7-8xx vs Allen AA. All In PreFlop. Steve went runner/runner to double up.

Next hand. Steve shoves with A-3hh Don Brown snap calls with A-K. 3 in the window and Steve holds for the win.

Back to back hands.

Then Steve calls Fils raise with 4-4. Flop J-Q-K. Check/check.

Turn A check, Steve bets he calls.

River 10 they chop.


Fil had AA!!!

Apparently Clive knocked out Steve

Jason AK> Clive TT for a double

Final Table!

Wanker AJ>Fil KQ Fil turned broadway Clive rivered Full house

Doc Q9>Gene AJ for the knockout

Ed 9To>Andra AK To knock her out 7th!

Jason, needing a double, instead chopped with Rob with a straight on the board

Jason all in with A6. Ed calls with A3. Ed spikes 3 on river to knock out Jason in 6th. Jason’s points will keep him neck and neck with the top part of the leaderboard! Its a close race this year.

Rob doubled up on Clive with runner runner on the river!

Clive takes Rob out In 3rd-the same finish as last week. Rob is moving up the leaderboard with his eyes on another Main Event seat.

On the night the Steelers lost these two Steelers won 👏👏 Clive & Ann chop! This is Ann’s second top two in two weeks and she’s moving up the leaderboard quickly. With this chop Clive will be part of a three way tie for first on the leaderboard!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Ann Gove (chop)

1 Clive Gavin (chop)

3 Rob Benford

4 Ed Vanlandingham

5 Doc Brown

6 Jason Barnett

7 Andra Zachow

8 Alan Thomas

9 Gene Bauerlin

10 Fil Khavin