Week 13: GingerDave Miller joins Mo Maher in a chop!

At 300/600 Austin Fowler opened 1500. Jake Naumann 3bet to 5600. Austin called. His QQ<A6ss

At the feature table Jason P, Steve Trizis put him all in and they were both chasing a flush with non ideal cards. Jason P’s Tc was best & Steve regretted his reraise

Red hat Dave, wearing a black hat, was all in. Steve called and got the knock out and we had our final table.

Austin was all in with A9hh and Steve called with 22. Austin prevailed when he hit an A on the river.

Christian QJ> Mo T9
Christian doubles!

Trey Q5> Austin K9
Trey dub

Mo flopped set of Q to bust Michael Ozer with KJhh a pair and FD

Steve 67cc>Mo QJ
Steve dub after he Flopped a SF

Trey AT> Jason T8
Jason Barnett out 8th

GingerDave Miller’s fan club is pleased

It was a chop for lucky week 13! GingerDave Miller & Mo Maher!

1.Dave Miller/Mo Maher

  1. Chop
  2. Trey
  3. Tig
  4. Steve
  5. Christian
  6. Austin
  7. Jason B
  8. Mike O