Spring league Week 7: Derek C. demands to be called “The Good One” after taking over first place this week.

Derek Csanadi jumped from 5th place on the leaderboard to 1st after chopping first place this week with Chris Hyden.  Derek, who finished 34th out of more than 6900 entries in the 2016 WSOP Monster stack and cashed in two WSOP events this past Summer, hopes to represent the league in the Main Event for the league this year.  He just missed winning a Main package this past fall though he did win a minor package.

There were three tables for much longer than usual, it was after 10:30 before the players were able to combine to two tables.  There were 5 rebuys during the night.

Hands included this one where Don Dean was in a 12k pot with 2 others and won with 9 high “Like a boss.”  It was very reminiscent of the 2016 WSOP.  Very similar.  Uncanny.


img_6131Mark Winchell, after losing 4K to Chris early when his TT<QQ,  later had AA and KK to build up his stack.  Unfortunately his night ended when he was all in preflop and  his 77<AA when Reno rivered Quad Aces.

The final table was all repeat finishers except for Will Thorn who made his final table debut in 5th place.  img_6108

Sherry made her 5th final table of the season which keeps her in 4th place overall on the leaderboard. img_6119 Ed also has 5 final tables this season and is in the top ten.

Steve has decided to hold off on dominating the league for another week to give all of the other players hope.



This weeks final table in order of finish is:

  1.  Derek Csanadi and  Christ Hyden (Tie/chop)
  2. see above
  3. Dave Bennett
  4. Clive
  5. Will
  6. Derek W.
  7. Trey
  8. Dugg
  9. Ed
  10. Sherry

Also in league news:  The League is rooting for Fall league main package winner Fil Khavin who will be playing the LAPC Main for the league this weekend.  Go Fil!!!  Those who played in the Fall league and played the required number of weeks will share a percentage of Fil’s winnings!  I know I’m quitting my day job!

Based on the play so far this season and an estimate of the rest of the season there should be 4 main packages given away for Spring 2018.  For those who meet the required number of participation weeks there is an opportunity to win at least a minor package all the way to the end so don’t despair if you don’t have a lot of points yet.  This point structure enables members to catch up quickly with just a few decent final tables.







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