Week 13: A chop for Allen & Muscles!

After an earlier hand at 100/200 where Andra inadvertantly bet 1500 instead of 600 & said she definitely wasn’t angling, and Allen reraised to 4K saying he wasn’t doing it because she misbet, and Andra apologized again and shoved and Allen called with KK, and Andra’s AA was good doubling her up, Allen then doubled through Alan.

Allan >Alan

Clive QQ>Andrea Ruosi…..wait for it…. J5♠️♠️

SuperDave Q3dd> Bob A8cc.   SuperDave was on a heater during week 13.  He knocked Andra out and she threatened to re-nickname him “Dave Postle”  based on recent events in the poker world (no cheating but definitely had some run good this past Thursday!)

Allen’s fourth parfait of the night….yes, Sherry’s out of town.

Fil vs Chrissy

Alan all in on the river

……what will John do? 🤷🏻‍♀️

8d3s8hQh10h board…


Final Table

Muscles Kk

Clive Q9

Muscles doubled

Muscles 85 in an attempted steal makes a straight

Clive doubles him again

Rob 66

Clive 55

Fil QQ

Gene AQ

Gene was out 10th

Muscles 66

Rob Ak

Rob out 9th

Fil against Clive on the river

Clivr had 55 fil pushed all in pre-flop

Clive Doubled thru Muscles

Muscles knocked out Alan 6th with AA>QQ

In the end there was a chop between John “Muscles” Gordon and Allen Wiseman. With the chop win this week Allen moves up to tie with Matt Trizis for 2nd place on the season leaderboard.

The final table in order of finish was:

1 John “Muscles” Gordan

1 Allen Wiseman

3 SuperDave Kaucher

4 Fil Khavin

5 Clive Gavin

6 Alan Thomas

7 Matt Trizis

8 Mark Winchell

9 Rob Benford

10 Gene Bauerlin