Week 14: The Godfather vs The Wanker: The battle of 9 high like a boss!

Week 14 started slow for some and it was a roller coaster for others.  Steve “the Godfather” Trizis experimented with a new style of play by randomly shoving 9 high at least two times and declaring “Nine High like a Boss” when all folded.  This usually occurred in hands involving Clive “The Wanker” Gavin”.


Doc Brown and Derek Csanadi were both somewhat disappointed with this hand.

Steve AA>Ann QQ

John raises, Derek shoves, Andra calls for less. Muscles folds. Andra’s JJ is good for a double >Derek AQ

Doc B>Mark. Doc turned the straight

Andra KT♦️♦️>Doc B when she rivered a straight to stay alive and end her bad run

Andrea 93o > Ed V goodish hand two threes on the board gave Andrea a double


Doubled again!!!   Andrea seems to know just the right time to play hands like 93 off and it pays off!  He is a GOD!

James AK>Gerry KK & Ed All in preflop

Chrissy >SuperDave>Ed

Clive rivered flush vs Gene’s AJ & Alan Thomas’ flopped set of 5s. Clive knocked both out.

Clive’s dance after taking out Gene and Alan

Chrissy>James> SuperDave

Doc vs Bob. AIPF

We had our Final Table

Gerry AT>Bob KJ

Ann KK>Bob QQ

Andrea’s AA > Bob TT > Doc A9

Steve AK>Gerry JJ

Steve AJ>Andrea AK This wasn’t a nine high like a boss hand.  We officially have NO IDEA WHAT ANDREA HAS when in a hand with him.  He has achieved that goal.

Nice flop for Doc > Ann

Steve AT> Rob 9T

Steve A7o> Ann

Steve A7=Ann A7

Clive>Ann for the knockout.


Steve AQ> Clive A9

Clive & Steve chop!

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

1 Chop! Steve “The Godfather” Strizis /Clive “The Wanker” Gavin

3 Andra Zachow

4 Ann Gove

5 Doc Brown

6 Rob Benford

7 Andrea Ruosi

8 Allen Wiseman

9 Gerald Silva

10 Bob Scholz

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