Week 8: Two in a row for Don “Doc” Brown! Jason Barnett tops the leaderboard!!

Week eight was great! (See what I did there?)

Folded A10o after a Fil utg open

Muscles 3bet and Fil called and they checked it down

Gerry 74>Matt 55

7s full over 5s full for the knockout

3-way allin. Allen aces, Bob Q9, Andrea 10 8. Andrea flopped straight. Bob rivered full house for a huge triple up.

Ed Vanlandingham10 9♠️♠️

Matt A4♠️♠️

Gerry AA

Matt tripled, cracking Gerald Silva’s Aces.

Ed V out!

We had a guest playing this week, former league member and celebrity notable Kenny O’Donnell!

Kenny O’Donnell A9

Gerry AK

Kenny out!

Another 3-way all-in. James A9♠️♠️, Twitch AA, Andrea Ruosi 10s. The turn made Andrea a set but it made Twitch a flush. One of the first rare times that Andrea couldn’t crack Aces!

Fil Khavin turned broadway and Twitch had ace queen 2 pair. Twitch out!

Gerald Silva 88

Sherry Wiseman KJ

Sherry out

Mark Winchell AJ

Gerald Silva K10

Mark doubles up All in after the flop!

Gerald Silva Q4

Eugene Bauerlin 810

Gerry out!

we now had our Final Table

Fil Khavin 777 wins a big hand against Gene Bauerlin (who called river and mucked)

SuperDave AA > John 33 all in preflop for a double!

Doc Brown KQ> SuperDave > John Gordon

John out 10th

Fil Khavin A3♣️♣️

Doc Brown 99

Matt Trizis

Don “Doc” Brown

Bob Scholz

A6=A6=A6. Who plays A6 off ??? Now we know…

Fil AJ

Bob JJ

Bob Scholz Ax

SuperDave Kaucher KK

Rob A7

Gene KQ Gene out 7th

Bob A7

Jason KK

Jason was out 6th

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

1-chop Doc Brown

1- chop Bob Scholz

3 Rob Benford

4 Matt Trizis

5 Mark Winchell

6 Jason Barnett

7 Eugene bauerline

8 SuperDave Kaucher

9 Fil Khavin

10 John “Muscles Gordon”