Week 16 & 17: Deja Vu for Steve T & Darryl on 4/18 while Trey jumps up the leaderboard after a chop with Doc Brown 4/25!

The Elite Tampa Bay Poker League had some great league representation at the Hard Rock’s Tampa Deep Stacks over this past weekend. League Member Karl Man was part of a 4 way chop. He could buy into the main event twice (if they allowed that)! Nice win Karl!!! Marv Karlins found his way to a bag and also cashed 15th out of 1065 entries! He said on twitter “Today I realized I’m not the worst poker player on Earth.”  Donald “Doc” Brown also finished in the money.    It is rumored that Karl, Marv and Doc all feel that their wins are solely due to the skills they have learned in the TBEPL.

After 17 weeks of play Steve Trizis holds 1st place on the leaderboard after his chop for first during week 16.  Kenny O’Donnell slid to second 3 points behind Steve.  Trey is in third.  Landon Brown, John Gordon and Darryl “Fear the Beard” Woodruff round out the top 6 with a 3 way tie for 4th.  Everyone in the league with the required weeks of play (16 of 21 weeks by season end and 3 of the last 5 weeks) is still in the running for a package and most could finish with a Main Event seat if they get a hot streak these next 4 weeks.  It’s still up for grabs as to who will win a Main Event Seat though the top 2 seem to have it pretty sewn up.

Week 16:  Steve T makes Darryl an offer he can’t refuse

In the end of week 16 Steve T and Darryl were heads up and finally agreed to a chop.  Both Steve and Darryl are running good this season and have won at least once this season.

Some Week 16 hands follow and below that the week 17 summary:


Dugg layed down a 6 high straight when he psychically sensed that Gene had a straight flush!

Herb vs Aaron. Aaron won with the Jack.


Steve Trizis took out Chrissy AK vs his QQ.  How could he do that to Chrissy?! What is wrong with him?  It’s Chrissy for f$%#sake!!!

Herb’s looking forward to the nine handed play at the Hard Rock.  He’s shopping 32 inch tablets right now!

Karl took out Aaron with A-K.  He turned that smile upside down.

Herb A-10 vs Ed’s A-K. Herb flopped 2 pair.

Karl took out Jake with 22. He held.

League results 4/18/19 In reverse order…

Ed Sojack 10th

John Gordon 9th

Jacob Naumann 8th

Edie Jo Norman 7th

Trey Harrell 6th

Herb Woodbery 5th

Gene Bauerlein 4th

Karl Man 3rd

Darryl Woodruff chop 1st

Steve Trizis chop 1st

Week 17 saw some dramatic changes on the leaderboard.

Trey Harrell, notable for winning a Main Even seat in the league at 21 & cashing, celebrated his 22nd birthday om the 18th with cake & a spectacular comeback to chop 1st with Don Brown.  He is now in 3rd place behind Steve Trizis and Kenny O’Donnell.


Trey could not lose a hand late in the game after being short stacked before the final table.

Final table

Doc Brown KJ>Jacob 99

Trey Kk > Chrissy QJ. With an AA flop there was no chance for Chrissy.

Trey KK>Matt AK full house for Trey.  Matt bet 10k. Trey called. Matt checked, Trey bet 7k.  Matt shoved all In, Trey snap called with a full house.

Doc Brown knocked out short stacked Matt in 8th

Mark AJ> Herb AT after losing some chips to Herb earlier.

Mark AJ>Herb 89, Herb out 7th

Trey AQ>Marv A5.  Marv stated that if either of his card was an Ace he would shove.  He looked at one and put it down.  He looked at the other and said “All In”!  Trey snapped called for the win!  Happy Birthday from the Duckman!

Mark AA>Edie 88

Mark JJ>Doc Brown’s K8.

Mark Winchell & Doc Brown both had K8  for 2 pair and chopped.  Mark said to Doc Brown “you play that garbage?”  Mark eventually held on for a third place finish after being a short stack at the start of the final table.  This moved Mark into the top 10 tied with Gene for 9th place on the current leaderboard and in contention for a prize package.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

Trey Harrell & Doc Brown chopped 1

Mark Winchell 3

Jason Barnett 4

Edie Jo Norman 5

Marv Karlins 6

Herb Woodbery 7

Matt Trizis 8

Chrissy Holubeck 9

Jacob Naumann 10



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