Week 14 & 15: Clive & Landon then Kenny & Steve T: Chops for first both weeks!

Week 14…….

Week 15…


Some hands from week 14:

Marvin KK

Edie QQ

Super Dave 88 aipf

Aaron AK

Tammy KQ

SuperDave had 2nd quads of the night

3 way all in early AA Darryl, Jeff KK & QQ Rob

Q On flop

Sent Jeff to the rebuy window

Rob AA


Annie QQ vs Herbs KK  AIPF

Matt A clubs vs Ed’s flopped flush. All in on the flop. Matt hit it on the river.

Trey’s new shirt.  He wants to be Kenny when he grows up….

SuperDave had quads twice, FH twice and still rebought.

In the end the week 14 winners in order of finish were:

Clive and Landon 1st place chop

Matt Trizes 3rd

Marvin Karlins 4th

Rob Benford 5th

John Gordon 6th

Steve T 7th

Trey Harrell 8th

Kenny O’Donnell 9th

Ann Gove 10th


Week 15 was Mark Winchell’s 🍰 Birthday and he was having some good luck early.

Edie Jo QQ busts Jeff

Mark Busted  🦆 man

Edie AA

Chrissy KK

Mark AA

Jeff J10

Steve Z AQ

Tonia AK

Landon 1010

Tonya out

Jacob QQ>A9 Marv > A7 Rob

Mo AIPF everyone folded

Then he was out on a hand shortly after…

Final Table

Mark W vs John Gordon

Clive v Steve

Jake raised, Mark shoved. Jake folded.

Aaron QT>Clive A6hh

Clive ss doubled back through Steve T

Then Clive doubled through Kenny

Mark bet, John called. On flop John Bet Mark shoved. John found a fold.

Jacob>Clive for the knockout

Kenny checked raise Jason all in. Got the fold.

Kenny>Jason for the knockout 9th

Kenny AQ>Jacob AJ

In the end the week 15 winners in order of finish were:

Kenny O’Donnell and Steve Trizis – chop 1st

John Gordon 3rd

Aaron 4th

Jacob 5th

Edie Jo 6th

Landon Brown 7th

Mark Winchell 8th

Jason Barnett 9th

Clive Gavin 10th

There were some Shenanigans going on involving a duck after Thursday…




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