Week 10: It’s the GODFATHER! Watch out!!

Week 10 was MONUMENTAL when the Godfather of the TBEPL, Steve Trizis, chopped first & now shares the leaderboard with Kenny O’Donnell. Several TBEPL Members used their League skills to Final Table the Tampa Poker Classic including Karl, Jacob, Kenny & Alumni Fil Khavin. Then Jacob & Alum Mark Wiser ran deep in the WPT in Jax. Congrats & Don’t forget about Andra’s birthday on the 11th! It’s a month long celebration!

Matt Trizis learned from his Dad, the Godfather & started the night on a heater.

Matt took out the Champ. Matt had KK vs Kenny’s A-J.


Tonia AIPF. She won. Muscles didn’t show.

And very next hand, muscles takes her out. AIOF. She had the Kings.

Marvin jammed 48k pf with 66 Matt call QQ

Darryl Trey n Muscles AI on the flop

Darryl open 8k pf

Trey call

Muscles all in in the bb for 9500



Darryl Al on flop Trey call

Matt limp for 2400

Rob AI for 6800

SDave 65 call

Matt KJcall

Steve T doubled up Muscles. Steve’s AK vs his 7-8dd

Final Table

Dave QQ vs Muscles 9-10cc. AIPF

Matt and Steve T made the final table again

With 5 left. Matt and Steve chopped the last longer.

Matt JJ vs TreyS 77. All in on the flop

1. Steve Trizis & Landon Brown – Chop

2. See above

3. Trey Harrell

4. Chrissy Holubeck

5. Matt Trizis

6. Darryl Woodruff

7. SuperDave Kaucher

8. Mark Winchell

9. Rob Benford

10. John Gordon

Steve was interviewed after his win and had this to say:

“Just so everyone knows when you’re tied with The Godfather for first, that means you’re in 2nd place. You might want to make that clear in the blog. “

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