Week 11: Mark “The Shark” Winchell takes 1st & League Shirts Debut!

The new TBEPL t shirts, designed by Leif Oskarsson of Signworx / Pokerlifegear made their debut tonight and were a hit! Steve Trizis is taking orders for the shirts, they are $20.

Ed in the first hand. JJ vs Don Brown 99. 10 hi flop. They got it all in.

Trey rivered quad 2s Versus Muscles AA

All in on the flop. Wade KK. Matt. 8-9dd. Wade shoved. Matt called

Landon raised Karl all in on the flop. Rivered a straight. Sent the man to the rail.

Mark’s AAA>999 Ann gave him a nice stack to take to the end.

Ed rebuy

Steve rebuy

Tammy rebuy

Jacob rebuy

Matt AI after flop w/ 10 7

Tammy called A6hh

Dugg folded A3 after raising pf

Who folds quads🤷🏻‍♂️

Steve KK

Trey AK. Steve doubled

Doc (Marv) called an all in on the flop. And rivered a winner versus Herbs AA.

Herb 88 versus Landon.

Steve T took out his own son. Sigh. Matt shoved and Steve woke up with queens.

Edie doubled through Darryl

Duckman A-2 versus Rob A-10.

Final Table!

With QT Chrissy won her second short stack All in!

Marv raised Steve T’s post flop 2.5bb raise to 20K on a JJK flop. Steve shoved with Jx, The Duckman called with Kx to double Steve up.

Somewhat short, Marv shoved after Mark Winchell, a known tight angler, bet 3xbb. Mark folded.


Kenny > Chrissy

Marv shoved AQo with about 15bb, Mark Winchell called with JJ to double up the Duckman.

Mark AQss> Clive KK to double back up!

Steve knocked Clive out 8th

Steve TTT<SuperDave’s 7777. Dave flopped it and lured Steve T in – calling Steve’s bets- Steve rivered the FH, a dream come true for SuperDave! Steve said “I think I rivered you Dave” and Dave said “QUAD SEVENS!”

Steve T Q2 rivered a FH > Landon’s QJ. Landon out 7th

This final table was quite the roller coaster!!

AIPF Duckman AQ=Gene’s AQ

Gene A7 > Kenny for the double

Mark doubled up Gene

Steve T doubles Gene up yet again!

SuperDave JJ > Steve T

Kenny & SuperDave tripled Steve T back up!

SuperDave QQ> Duckman 99. Marv out 6th

Mark > Steve T – Steve out 5th. Remember when Steve and Kenny were tied for first on the leaderboard? Steve mentioned someone “swimming with the fishes” as he stormed out. Well, more like walked.

Kenny doubled through SuperDave when he flopped a straight and took that stack away.

SuperDave out 4th

Kenny knocked Gene out in third place JJ>66

In the end it was Mark Winchell on top this week!

The final table in order of finish was:

1 Mark Winchell

2 Kenny O’Donnell

3 Gene

4.Superdave Kaucher

5 Steve Trizis

6 Marv Karlins

7 Landon Briwn

8 Clive Gavin

9 Chrissy Holubeck

10 Edie Jo Norman