Week 9: Ann Gove represents the ladies with the win!

The night started big when Trey got an early double from Ed.

Steve Trizis also took out Rob. AIPF

Herb sucked out against Tonia. She had QQ. AIPF.

But he shared his champagne so Chrissy said to go easy on him.

Matt Trizis made his Dad proud when he took out 2 players and had quite a stack.

Matt’s KK vs Super Dave’s 33 vs Jeff’s(who was on tilt on account of a hand against Darryl) 910 off lol. He held. No pics

Chrissy gets a very necessary triple up 12 handed. Herb folded 88

Final table. Matt and Steve Trizis first time both at a final table!

Trey out 10th after an AIPF.

Steve’s JJ vs Darryl’s 99. 5 diamond ♦️’s fall and they chop.

Matt out 9th (KQxx) vs Juan’s AQxx. Flop k-5-J turn 8 river 10.

Steve T took out Kenny O’Donnell in 8th place. AIPF SB vs B.B. Steve had A-9. Kenny had KQ

Edie Jo out 7th

Vs Herb

Juan out 6th. Versus Annie. She had the QKxx

Steve out 5th.  He shoved. Darryl called.   Interviewed after the hand Steve said “I’m stupid.”

Herb 4th

Jason 3rd

Darryl 2nd. Ann Gove 1st!!!


The final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Ann Gove
  2.  Darryl Woodruff
  3.  Jason Barnett
  4.  Herb Woodbery
  5.  Steve Trizis
  6.  Juan Rodriguez
  7. Edie Jo Norman
  8. Kenny O’Donnell
  9. Matt Trizis
  10. Trey Harrell

How about those league members representing at the Tampa Poker Classic Main this past Sunday – day two!

Congrats to Kenny O’Donnell,  Fil Khavin and Karl Man for their 3rd, 4th and 7th pace finishes!!!   Awesome job!!!


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