Week 5: Jeff Ferrara gets the Win!

It was another exciting week at the Tampa Bay Elite Poker League at Derby Lane this past Thursday.  There were bad beats, suck outs, donkeys,  fish, quads, QUADS, and other assorted poker terms represented well.

In the end the big winner was Jeff Ferrara in his second final table appearance of the season and giving him the points to vault him into 7th place on the leaderboard.


Bad Ass Pic of Jeff Ferrara

Steve Trizis, Joe Parrish and Wade Thomas have now final tabled 3 of the first 5 weeks solidifying their places on the leaderboard.  Steve gave everyone a break last season so that more people would join thinking they could actually beat him


Derek Csanadi, known for his arms during the summer when he can go sleeveless, joined the league this week.

There were plenty of hands to share this week.

Mark Winchell won the first hand with K9 on KA9 flop against SuperDave Kaucher but then lost a chunk set over set

For the first quads of the night Juan’s quad 9s>Herb AQ.  No long sleeves for Juan.

What a table.  One of the outer tables included Jacob Naumann, Karl Man, Trey Harrell,  Joe Parrish, and  Jeff Ferrera.  Then they moved Jason there.  It was an all out brawl.


In  a painful hand, Doc cracked Mo’s AA with 8-2dd. All in on the flop. He rivered a diamond.   Mo then rebought & beat Mark’s KK leaving Mark short again after he had recovered from the earlier set over set beat.


Rob cracked Steve Trizis’ JJ with A-Jdd Turned a flush!


Meanwhile at the waaaaay outer table (ie the losers lounge regular 6pm tournament) Karl had bought in after busting the league.

Karl decided to school the 6pm-ers and busted Andra when she thought SHE had top pair.

Karl gets Quad Aces when Andra thought she had top pair

Mo K-9 vs Wades 10’s. Doc Brown folded 2-2. So of course there was a 2 on the flop. But as Mark Winchell says (frequently) we don’t care what you folded…

Edie Jo vs the Shark. Jeff Ferrera. Jeff’s 44 was good for a nice chip up!

Annie AK vs Juan JJ. Jacks held


Herb. 2nd time he’s got quads.  Just not fair.  Later Herb finished 2nd for his first final table this season and a jump up on the leaderboard.

Steve T vs Joe. AIPF. Sigh.

Final table.

Jeff. Doc gave him the obligatory duck call.

Marv vs Jeff. Marv shoved on the flop with5 high. Hit the 5. Lost to the rivered flush

Jeff vs Joe. AIPF Jeff won

Herb vs Wade. Wade held.

Then Jeff gets the win!

Bad Ass pic of Jeff’s wall



League results 1/31/19: The final table in order of finish was

1. Jeff Ferrara

2. Herb Woodberry

3. Wade Thomas

4. Aaron Thivyanathan

5. Chrissy Holubeck

6. Steve Trizis

7. Kenny O’Donnell

8. Joe Parrish

9. Marvin Karlins

10. Juan Rodriguez