Week 4: Fall Main Event Seat Winners SuperDave and Ed on top for the Week!


Week four changed things up a bit when all but two of the final table were last season participants.  Ed and SuperDave – both Main Event seat winners from last season – chopped first this week.  Local notable, Karl Man, made his first final table after giving the other members a head start (to be fair) in previous weeks.

There were quite a few interesting hands.


Mark W had AQ Bill Mantooth’s A9 all in preflop and rivered a straight against Bill’s trips.


Jacob 10-9 over Tammy’s  6-7 All in on the turn

Tammy had also turned Quad 4’s the hand before against Mark, he folded on the turn.

(no picture) Mark AK>66 Tonia all in preflop and doubled.  Then Mark beat her in another hand after that.  Karl knocked Tonia, the week two winner, out.  Tonia represented the league in the Main Event last year.


Edy KK >Ann JJ.  Darryl raised 4K,  Ann was all in.   Edy shoved and  Darryl fold AJ.

No picture but here’s a hand from Level 6. Karl sb, Marv “Duckman” Karlins big. Jason min raises from UTG. Trey calls. Rob jams remaining 3700 from button. Duckman calls. Jason goes allin for 22+k. Trey is allin for less than Jason. Duckman folds. Rob had AQ o, Jason AK o, Trey KK. Board didn’t improve anyone and Trey more than tripled up!


Ed vs Joes AA


Joey turned a flush ( not sure why he was in the hand) against Mike Dunn.


Barry vs Ed.


Steve T vs Kenny. AIPF. Steve won!!! 60 k each. He shoved, Steve T called

Another notable hand (no pic); Jacob 2500 utg, Aaron +1 all in 15400, Karl raises 25k.  Jacob fold AJ.    Aaron AQ > Karl KK  when there is an A on the flop.


*memes stolen from Karl’s FB/Instagramimg_1468

Barry AK over Josh JJ


Darryl vs Josh. Darry had the AA.

League Results 1/24/19 in order of finish:

1. Super Dave Kaucher chop with Ed “Vegas Bound” Sojack

3. Jacob “Local Notable” Naumann

4. Steve “Finally” Trizis

5. Karl “I see Aces” Man

6. Darryl “20th in the Monster Stack” Woodruff

7. Edie Jo “Bowling Hall of Famer” Norman (JFGI)

8. Joe “You played that hand?” Parrish

9. Gene “I’m new but watch out!” Bauerlein

10. Josh “Trey’s Friend” Harrison (actually Josh won a minor package last season so he’s no longer just Trey’s friend).


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