Week 3: Fedor and Muscles on top! Again!


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Note that one of our February league nights is Valentines Day.  Because we all LOVE poker the vote was taken and the majority voted that, yes, there will be league on Valentines Day.  Bring wine.  If your significant other REALLY loved you they wouldn’t want you to lose a point, would they?

The league welcomed a new member this week – Danny Castillo.  Danny is a regular both in St. Pete and over in Tampa.  Our blogger still smarts from a hand a couple of years ago….Does anyone in the Bay Area not run bad against Danny?

img_12701st hand of the day.  img_1282Doc raises with 44, Donnie calls with A-8. Flop 8-7-4. Doc goes all in, and Donnie inexplicably calls.  Brick brick. Doc doubled up, and promptly tries to get in the last longer.

Darryl 22 vs Barry AK

AIPF. Jeff F vs Bill McKown. Suckout/resuckout/reresuckout. Chop the pot.


Another suck/reduce/reresuck. Juan and Steve T AIPF. Steve won.

All in on the flop. Wade turns the A to take out Allen


Sick hand. Karl turned Aces full. Tammy rivered quads. The money went all in on the river.


Speaking of Quads, here is Chrissy taking a pic of her flopped Quads.




No pic but Steve T then sucked out on Karl. Steve had Q-5xx. Vs Karl’s AQ. AIPF. Steve was short. He rivered a 5. In his defense, they were both red.  Waiting to see Karl’s new memes related to Thursday’s league.

Hand: blinds at 800 800 400. Karl jams for his last 6100. Rob calls. Karl tables 78 clubs. Rob has JJ. Flops his set. Karl gets up to leave but catches runner runner for his straight.

Wade 10-J vs Super Dave


Final table


Aaron out 10th with KK vs muscles Q-7. On a 7-Q-9 flop

Then Steve T was out 9th AIPF. 120K pot.


Joe vs Marv Joe was AK


In the end the League results 01/17/2019 were:

1.  John “Muscles” Gordon / Trey “Fedor” Harrell – Chop first

3.  Marv “Duckman” Karlins

4.  Jason Barnett

5.  Doc Brown

6.  Wade Brown

7.  Ed Sojack

8.  Joe Parrish

9.  Steve Trizis

10.  Aaron Thivyanathan




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