League Dinner Social Results: We all won! Pics etc.

tampa bay elite poker league 2019 social_jan 17-2019-1The League Dinner social was a hit!  Chrissy and Andra coordinated with games and prizes and awards to the Fall Season winners (we have certificates for those that did not attend).

img_1201Mike “Gascard” Collins won the prize of  for guessing what each player was 56938833371__15e00d08-41d3-444f-8af8-0b3b2fb64328lying about (we played that two truths and a lie game) and we learned a lot about each other.  Gascard has never sky dived.  img_1204Chrissy has not ridden an elephant.  Darryl is missing part of a foot.  Ed deals drugs (he’s a pharmacist – he was being tricky).

We had a drawing for a league entry and Steve Z won it.  Marv “The Duckman” thought he’d be the winner since he drew a deuce.

Andra and Steve thanked the league for their wonderful gifts – restaurant gift cards, fine chocolates, and wine!

Deb Farmer brought her friend Lloyd Grey, a professional photographer, and he took some fantastic photos at the event.  Check them out or purchase for download at this link (please support his generous help with the photos and purchase any you would like – select our favorites and create a login to purchase.)



tampa bay elite poker league 2019 social_jan 17-2019-20


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