Week 2: More New Players and Tonia tops the Leaderboard!

Some items to note before we go into the weekly summary of the game.


We’re having a League Dinner/Social for current and former members at the Bayou Club this Wednesday, January 22 at 7pm.  Chrissy passed out invites this past week and a facebook has been set up.  If you need info please let us know – text or email Chrissy or Steve if you don’t have her contact info.  Please let us know Monday if possible if you will be attending so we can get a rough head count.  You may bring guests.  Members must pay with cash/check/venmo to the member of the Bayou club who arranged at the dinner based on whatever you order – the bill goes to the club member’s account. We’ll order from the menu (good variety) and a full bar is available.  You may bring your own wine – they charge a $15 uncorking fee (like most restaurants).  Use the Starkey Rd. Entrance – Bardmoor Blvd at the light and turn left when you get to the stop sign.  The road ends across from the Bayou club.  Do not use the Belcher entrance.  We’ll celebrate last seasons winners and have some fun too.


Debbie sent a card to the League thanking everyone for their thoughts and financial help following the loss of her husband.


Huge turn out tonight……or huge quantities of rebuys – several in level one. It was still level one when  Herb called Tammy’s 8x bet with JT. He cracked her aces sending her to the window.  “How can he call there” she lamented.  Barry Bovee was another level one rebuy.

There was some excitement about 1/2 way through the evening when the floor was called as Marv, Jeff & Rob were all in PF- Rob with AA and there was a dispute about raising, reraising and going all in and what was allowed.

In another hand Ed all in when Matt Trizis called.   KQcc<99 when Matt straightened the board.

Some notable hands were Jason’s A2 v Aaron’s A6 – 6 on the turn for the knock out.

Kenny had Q2, Muscles A3 and Steve A8.  There was a Queen in the window and Steve was out.

Joe Parrish AQcc< Jordan JJ in this picture.

Final Table

Sherry was the bubbled. Rob got 10th when he and Sherry busted vs Steve Z’s flopped set of 3s. Rob jammed but whiffed with KQ clubs. Sherry called Rob’s all in for less w K 7 off. Chrissy called with A Q. Steve Z called with 33. Flop was 378. Steve bet. Chrissy folded. Sherry had the 2nd best hand but had 2k fewer chips than Rob.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Chop – Tonia Williams and Steve
  2. see above
  3. Kenny “Suck out” O’Donnell
  4. Matt Strizis
  5. Mo Maher
  6. Chrissy
  7. Gene
  8. Mike Dunn
  9. Jacob Naumann
  10. Rob Benford
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