Fall Season Freeroll Results

At the end of each season those players who are eligible to participate due to meeting the attendance requirements participate in a free roll for at least one more prize package.  This season there were three $2500 packages awarded plus another $750 each paid to fourth & fifth place in the “losers lounge free roll.” This gives a great reason to play the whole season even if you may not make the top 10+|- who win based on season points.  There are opportunities to win all the way until the end!

This season Bill, Chrissy & Tammy won the three packages and Pete D & Mo $750 each.

There were 17 participants in the free roll and it was quite a battle. 

In one notable hand Sherry QQ. Mo KK. Jason 33. Flop 3-6-9. Oh, did I mention Jason folds pre flop. Mo’s KK held.

Some new package winners for the Fall league – all first time package winners!

5th – Mo – $750

4th – Pete Del Camo $750

3rd – Tammy Leonard – package

2nd – Chrissy Holubeck – package

1st – Bill – package

We look forward to railing all of our winners in Vegas this summer!! The league holds 10% so may they win big!!!

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