Week 19: Derek C gets a win with Bill and Joe making late season moves! Things are HEATING UP!!!

There was a big turnout in the league with three full tables – 32 players this week.  For those who don’t win a package this season there will be a tournament after season end, nicknamed “the losers lounge” by some,  for those who meet the participation requirements for at least one more $2500 package.

image-34The blog is a little short on content this week as our blogger, Andra, was out early.  Down to $10K earlier than she should be, her AKhh<Jacob’s 3x. She flopped Top pair, he flopped a set.  Jacob, with an 8th place finish this week, now has a strong 4th place spot on the leaderboard.  Andra had lost a few thousand earlier to the Duckman when he 4 bet her off of the same hand he had. Ouch & Ouch.

The players requested that she stay and watch the action so she could have more blog material but when asked she said “F*&% that.”  She did maintain her 7th place spot on the leaderboard this week as the top finishers did not affect her position, but a few did make it more difficult for her to move up without some good finishes these next two weeks.  She did do some research and is pretty certain she’ll win a Main Event seat and possibly be the first woman to win it.


After a win last week, Steve Trizis, another source of blog material ,  was disappointed that he did not make a final table this week.  Tammy’s AA bested Steve T’s KK for a knockout.img_0494

Most of our players are still in the running for some level of package – back to back wins these last two weeks of the season would be worth 34 points including the 2 points for attendance.  With the perfect situation, someone with 49 points right now could actually win a Main Even seat!  These last two weeks are going to be HUGE!!!

A few of our upper leaderboard members made the final table this week but several members had their best finishes of the season.

With only two more weeks of play it’s more important than ever that we have full participation!  It’s not over until it’s over!!!

The final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Derek Csanadi
  2. Bill McKown
  3. Joe Parrish
  4. Tammy Leonard
  5. Edie Jo Norman
  6. Juan DaCosta
  7. Ed Sojack
  8. Jacob Naumann
  9. Rob Benford
  10. Peter DeCalmo