Catching up:Fall League: Weeks 9 through 11 – TBEPL Members on fire!! Πέτρος K on top of the leaderboard!

The Cardplayer Tour just finished up at Derby Lane and TBEPL Members & Alumni are running hot!

Mike “Gascard” Collins won the seniors event (apparently they didn’t ask for ID) and Darryl cashed. Mo was 2nd in chips in the Monster Stack & participated in a 6 way chop with League alum Mark Winchell.  img_9539Jacob Naumann, who has had an amazing run these last couple of months, won Event 6:  The 6 Max Deep Stack.   img_9543Gascard followed up his Seniors win with a deep run – he finished 4th – in the Main “The Dime” after being the huge chip leader heading into day two.  The winnings will cover his next 80 weeks of the League.img_9623

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The Tampa Bay Elite Poker league takes full credit for their skills.

img_9357After 11 weeks of play, Peter K (aka Πέτρος K)(aka Pi Epsilon Tau Epsilon Rho) has a strong hold in 1st place on the leaderboard and challenges Steve’s multi-season 1st place finishes. Peter has consistently final tabled with some good finishes.  Apparently it’s a Greek thing to be a poker God.  Maybe we should start calling him Zeus?

After refueling his Greek heritage for two weeks back in the homeland, Steve Trizis (Στιβ Τρίζη) has stated that he is no longer being “Mr. nice guy” and will be taking first place consistantly from now on.

Rob Benford, who is up there too, says not so fast guys.  He intends to make a play for the top again this week.

Week 9

Early in the evening Steve Trizis found himself with KK>Doc’s TT>Darryl’s QT
Darryl shoved ss 2200 steve called doc shoved with about 8K more than Steve

Steve more than doubled and it seemed that this would be the week for him to be back in his normal League form – winning!

There was a controversial hand when Dugg thought Tina was all in and called with his flush face up.  Further research and interview of witnesses determined that Tina had bet and Dugg had asked how much she had behind.  The dealer counted out her chips even though she had not shoved.  The Dealer and Dugg convinced themselves that she had shoved and when Dugg said he called, he thought he was calling an all in.

Tina was not all in, but now Dugg’s cards were face up.   Tina then shoved the river. Dugg tanked and Gascard asked him,  “What do you think she puts you on?”    …..classic Gascard.  Tina caught a Full House and Dugg was out, slightly on tilt.

Duckman shoved 99 Andra shoved over the top with JJ
Oddly, or maybe not oddly, they chopped TWOS full of kings 👀 QUACK QUACK

After whining about being short & getting on the 2/5 list Chrissy’s Q9dd >92 Jason.  With a flop of 2 nines Jason was out.

At 400/800 Chrissy raised 3K, Marv called,  Andra rr  to 7K and Chrissy shoved.  Marv shoved the small remaining chips he had left and andra tank folded TT.  Chrissy’s aces held.

Apparently it’s good luck to get on the 2/5 list.


Steve T. shoved his remaining 6500 and Dawn Gwin called.   Joe Gwin shoved over the top & tripled Steve up.

Dawn, in frustration, said F word to Joe for shoving and apparently the couch was in his future.

Edie then want a heater.  She tripled up her 3100 with Kings full when Ed & Pete K
called. Then she doubled again with two pair through Joe Gwin.

Steve T. then doubled though Joe Gwin with AJdd >AKdd  when he got a flushimg_9554

Edie again was all in with Joe Parrish when his KJo
ran into Edie’s AQo Spade flush.  Edie has the As, Joe Ks so  Edie doubles again!

img_9610Dawn doubled Sherry up when sherry JJ > Dawn 33

Tina straight >Pete K T top pair

Steve QQ>Sherry JJ to knock her out 8th

Tina doubled Joe P when her K8o ran into his KK & he got a FH

Steve doubled Dawn when her AQo>his 99

Joe P doubled Steve T.

In the end Ed Sojak and Dave Kaucher chopped first.

3. Rob Benford

4. Adam Moffett

5. Steve Zaritsky

6. Bill McKown

7. Derek Csanadi

8. Josh Harrisom

9. Jacob Naumann

10. Sherry Wiseman

Week 10

Superdave QQ>straight draw Brian early in the night. Brian shoved after Dave bet 5k. but Superdave wasnt buying it.


Pete K AK< 99 Ed to double Ed up Pete K KK>Gary 44>dugg A6dd

Ed called Duggs j8 all in eds straight wins

Chrissy knocked out Joe Gwin

Ed KK>Muscles QT

Adam had a huge hand that knocked out Mo & duckman

Andra out Ed QQ>QJhh 🙁

Ed knocked Derek out with 6666

Rob 8 8. Ed AJ. A on river

in the end Ed’s luck ran out and was out 10th.

1. Jacob Naumann

2. Michael Collins

3. Peter K

4. Allen Wiseman

5. Darryl Woodruff

6. Fil Khavin

7. Derek Worley

8. Gary Hummel

9. Andra Zachow

10. Ed Sojak

Week 11

Early in the evening Andra chipped up early and was open ended when Kenny O bet 1500 on the turn & Andra called since she’d chipped up.

Andra got there & Kenny bet 5K. Andra made sure her hand was the nuts & raised 5K because you can’t just call with nuts. He tanked and called to leave his stack very short.

Darryl knocked Pete K out with the nut flush. Pete shoved 5K+ at 200/400 and Daryl snapped called out of turn. Sherry folded 99.

Sherry shoved her 6th pair of 99s after Barry bet 3x at 200/600 all folded

img_9610Then sherry shoved about 6K over a raise to 1500 from Darryl. Darryl called and tabled KK. 2 hearts on flop & a K Sherry had J hi flush draw but a set for Darryl. Turn a Ah to give Sherry the flush & double up.

Barry flopped nut flush, Bill shoved with QQ and Barry snap called with less for a double

Darryl shoved KK Sherry snap called KQss. Kings good

Sherry shoved QQ Edie called66 QQ good

All in on the flop Steve T KK vs Jason K-J.

Runner runner to chop

Juan KQcc> Bill M 88


1. Fil Khavin

2. Juan DaCosta

3. Steve Zaritsky

4. Dave Kaucher

5. Steve Trizis

6. Dugg Hadden

7. Jason Barnett

8. Barry Bovee

9. Chrissy Holubeck

10. Rob Benford