Week 12: SuperDave living up to his name! Watch out!

The evening started with Mike “Gascard” Collins continuing his heater, so it seemed. Gascard AQ>A9 Steve Z 2 pair over two pair for an unusual early demise for Steve.

Steve Huff, who studies the Duckman’s literature extensively, won a pot early, like level two, when he shoved his MONSTER KQo and oddly, noone called. He did it again a little later but didn’t show.


Andra raised to 600 with AThh and Adam shoved for less than $5K after a few successful short stack shoves. Andra called and Adam tabled 44. The flop gave Andra an A but 66 paired the board. A 6 on the turn gave Adam a full house but a T on the river gave Andra the bigger boat.

Darryl raised 4x to 1200 with AQ and had 3 callers. The Flop hit one of his cards & Darryl bet about 3K, 2 folds & Tina shoved. Darryl snap called & Tina tabled 46cc (or was it 36cc?) She had flopped two pair after calling his 4x bet with her hand. After he left, quite displeased, Tina mentioned that he didn’t have to call her shove….


Gascard continued to build a monster stack early. After running hot for awhile he said, “I can’t say I’m sleeping with the dealer, but Curtis (the dealer) & I are very good friends”

Pete K busted Jacob before the 1st break. We were hoping they could both bust simultaneously after some powerful finishes in the league, no such luck. Pete K is a BEAST!

Some hands through the evening at the feature table included:

Andra AT>Brian QT

Brian QQ>Tammy AJo

Tammy all in ss 4 callers.

Duckman took that hand downfor a big comeback.


On a limp pot 200/400 Andra raised to 1800 with QQ. Steve “all in” Huff shoved at least 10K-again still early. Andra snap called because Joe was dealing. Steve H tabled AJ suited. With a Q on the flop Steve did not improve & Andra was in great shape. Andra understood that the obvious play when someone who rarely raises 3X+ does so, is to shove with AJ suited and she praised his excellent play and felt bad about just getting lucky on the hand.


Brian was chipping up throughout the evening. He even knocked out Tina who generally builds up a nice stack every week and is tough to get out early. Now he had a nice stack.

Jason’s Kings full over Mo’s sevens full for the knock out helped elevate him to final table chips.


Juan limped 400/800 Gascard raised 3K, Derek W shoved less than 10K. Juan called & Gascard shoved. They tabled and it was Juan AJ>Gascard 44>Derek W AQo with a J on the flop.


Brian then Rivered a flush to knock Juan out.

SuperDave’s AK suited > Gascards Q9o for the knockout. Dave was on a roll after that.


at 600/1200 Duckman shoved 18K 66 and Andra snap called with AKo for 15K. The 66 turned into a full house with 3 fours on the board & Andra was out. Sadly.


At the outer table Pete D had Quad Tens early in the evening to knock Ed out.

Rob knocked out Edie with his first AA of the night when she had 77. He claims it was his first pocket rockets of the evening.


Bill KK>Pete D for most of his chips after that.

Chrissy bought in at the first break and made the final two tables before playing a hand. The pressure was on to not be knocked out before Chrissy’s unplayed chips were. Chrissy came in a was a ahort stack specialist finishing 3rd for the week.

Anyone can still win a Main Event package at just past the half way point with some new faces making a good finish this week.

SuperDave Kaucher & Josh Harrison chopped and both laddered up to top 4 on the leaderboard.

In the end the final table in order of finish was:

1. SuperDave Kaucher Chopped with Josh Harrisom

3. Chrissy Holubeck

4. Marv “Duckman” Karlins

5. Fil Khavin

6. Jason Barnett

7. Brian DeCosmo

8. Bill McKown

9. Rob Benford

10. Peter K

See you all Thursday……

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