Fall League Week 7: Ken O’Donnell dominates the week while Jacob is out of town! Peter Decalmo proves that steady final tables are the key!

Peter Decalmo was over 40K during the first level of play this week.  He won a huge hand when his 77>Rob’s AA>Reno’s Kxdd mere minutes after Reno began the tournament.

Later Bill MCown made an amazing fold the Jason shoved AK on a KKJ flop.  Bill showed his KT when he folded.

Joe Gwin’s win over Brian with  66 helped him chip up.

Kenny O was feeling a bit confident and was running great all night.  He knocked Sherry out and Allen promised retribution.  Gary chipped up pretty well too.

Andra steadily built her stack and a big hand was when Andra flopped the nut flush with her AQhh.  Gary flopped two pair and doubled her up

Decalmo held on to his stack through the final table knocking some players on the way.

Fil busted Derek W in a hand which also included the Duckman, Marv.  Marv knocked out Steve T.  Marv also knocked Allen’s AQ when his 99 held.

Gary came back after losing the chips to Andra when his 66>SuperDave’s 22.  Marv tried to give him support with his twos but it wasn’t to be.

Once the final table was set Duckman was pretty aggressive, chipping up some when he reraised to 10K a few times and made a few All ins.

In the end the winners for week 7 (09/06) in order of finish were:

  1. Kenny O’Donnell
  2. Marv “The Duckman”
  3. Gary
  4. Pete DeCalmo
  5. Fil Khavin
  6. Andra Zachow
  7. Allen Wiseman
  8. Joe Gwin
  9. Jason
  10. Cyndi Nguyen