Fall League Week 6: Jacob Naumann aka @jakenaumann wins week 6 (Aug 30) and parlays it into a nationwide heater for him from Tampa to Atlantic City solely due to the skills obtained in the League!

As I write Jacob Naumann is 2nd in chips out of 5 remaining at the Borgata in Atlantic City fighting for a top prize of $279K!!! This is after winning the Labor Day tournament at the SHR Tampa!!! All of this run began with a win in the Thursday League on August 30.  I’m sure Jacob gives full credit for all of this to the skills obtained during the first 5 weeks of the league.  img_9187

Update:  4 way chop for Naumann at the Borgata for $170K!!!!


Week 6 started with some excitement when Duckman won the 1st hand of the night, possibly proving that the first winner never makes it to the end.


Rob & Steve T chopped – Rob AA Steve an A on a broadway

Darryl asked Steve “ how much do you have?” And Steve says “I don’t know” & hides his chips. In the end Darryl had a K for Quad Kings

Andra knocked out Joe Gwin KK over 6xdd. She’s been running well against Joe who has been sidetracked by the birth of his first grandchild (Dawn missed week 6 due to this major life event!)

Jacob Naumann was the leader for week six which was helped by quads over Rob’s full house knocking him out.


In the end the Week 6 winners in order of finish was:

1. Jacob “Lucknow” Naumann
2. Pete Decalmo
3. Pete Katseralis
4. Derek Worley
5. Dave Kaucher
6. Darryl Woodruff
7. Juan Da Costa
8. Josh Harrison
9. Tina Pridgen

10. Sherry Wiseman

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