Week 5: Better Late than Never: There’s another Steve on top for the week but the Godfather is done giving everyone a head start!

To quote Steve “The Godfather” Trizis: “At least I’m on the board. Just getting warmed up, warn everyone ”

Steve Zalinsky ended up chopping with Dave Bennett after one of those “had pocket Aces twice kind of nights.

Dave had a huge stack at two tables and ran good through the end.

Currently number one on the leaderboard is Rob “The Professor” Benford who cashed this summer’s Main Event for the league. Will he stay there? We’ll find out tonight!!!

Notable hands for week five were:

Early on Aces cracked: A player’s AA< Pete D broadway

Chrissy v Duckman 222 on board. Scary but AT chopped T with the Duckman

Gascard had a straight flush in level two which made him very happy.

Gascard > Duckman

Andra> Matt McGinnis 44>xx

Gascard AK> Superdave AQ

Darryl took most of Bob S’s chips but then hr busted to someone else

Adam busted Fil

Dugg> Andra with his straight 89o>A8cc. She flopped a nut flush draw & two straight draws for he had bottom straight that held up.

Then there was one table left, the FINAL TABLE!!! With not one but TWO Steves!!

(note photo taken without Adam who was also at the final table).

In the end the week 5 winners in order of finish were:

1 . Dave Bennett & Steve Z who chopped

2. See above

3. Dugg Hadden (because of Andra’s magic chips)

4. Edie Jo Norman

5. Jacob Naumann (he’s been taking it easy on everyone too)

6. Josh “Trey’s brother from another mother” Harrison

7. Steve “the Godfather”


8. Gary Hummel

9. Barry Bovee

10. Adam Moffett

If you’d like to share any hands please take a pic & text to Steve with details & we’ll include it in the blog!

Good luck everyone it is now week six! Remember you must play 16/21 weeks!