Summer/Fall 2018 Week 4: Battle of the sexes: Tina & Josh chop first

An awesome analysis of hands belongs here but  I  seem to inadvertently deleted it so..

Stay tuned while I recreate it but here is a mini version below and our pictures.

New member Juan Dacosta runner runnered the turn and river for Quad 7s vs. Steve Z’s 88.img_0096-1







Steve Trizis lost a big hand to Jason and was down to one 100 when bb was 800.  In the BB Steve tripled up, then again, then again to give it a try.  He did not make it but an amazing rebuild of a short stack.

In the end there was a heads up AIPF with Tammy who shoved Q6o with a pretty large stack into Tina’s AK and Josh’s AT – that gave Tammy 3rd place and after awhile Tina and Josh decided to chop.


In the meantime the order of finish on 8/16 was:

  1.  Tina and Josh chopped first
  2. (see above)
  3. Tammy Leonard
  4. Mo
  5. Andra Zachow
  6. Rob Benford
  7. John “Muscles” Gordon
  8. Pete D
  9. Jason
  10. Sherry Wiseman


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