Summer/Fall 2018 Week 3: Mike “Gascard” Collins gets the win while our “PokerFather” Steve is snapping necks and cashing checks down in Hollywood!

Gascard was the man to beat this week though Peter Katsarelis has a solid number one spot on the leaderboard with Rob Benford in 2nd and Allen Wiseman in 3rd.  It’s a bit odd not seeing Steve and img_8776Jason battling like last season but there is plenty of time for everyone to make that top spot this season.

Notable member Steve Trizis took the week off to show Hollywood what our league members are made of when he took 12th place in their Main Event.  When Steve looked up his day two table he saw familiar names:  Shannon Shorr, John Cynn (winner of the img_89122018 WSOP Main Event), Lonnie Harwood, and Christian Harder and he knew he had his work cut out for him  Not a factor img_8911though, Steve outlasted all of them!  Awesome job Steve, I think we all kind of want you to win one of the Main Seats this season, it’s been lucrative for the members!

Week three saw a change in structure to the famed “Big Blind Ante” which started at the world famous Aria Poker room and has spread like wild fire.  It was a bit rough, a bit turbo,  with 12K chips (13K for those arriving by the end of level one), but it will be tweaked a little this week adding more chips (14K with an extra 1K for those in their seats by the end of level one) and an additional level.

It was a night of some crazy hands.  Very early in the evening Rob made a pretty substantial raise preflop and Andra re raised him.  Rob tanked wondering if she had KK.  He re raised her and she responded by shoving.  Rob flipped over two black aces and Andra had two red aces  After a rainbow flop they chopped the pot.

Cyndi won a huge pot when her AK> Andra’s and Edie’s TT (that was the demise of Andra).

Later Bob Scholz’s AK< Fil’s KJs when Fil flopped a straight.

img_8937Edie Jo shoved with 10s from middle position (despite her earlier run in with Cyndi).  Duckman called with A8cc and flopped the flush while Edie Jo hit her set.  Duckman celebrated his flush until a 2nd 5 turned giving Edie Jo the boat.  Edie doubled up.  Duckman was able to come back for fourth place finish.

The players dropped like flies and it seemed that it would be an early finish for a change until there were two left: Gascard & Rob.

Gascard and Rob had a marathon heads-up battle lasting nearly 3 levels with several lead changes. Gascard started ahead by about 4 to 1. At one point Rob moved ahead with AA>QQ. Several hands later Rob called Gascard’s 3-bet jam with a K 10 on a board of QQK. Gascard smiled and turned over the Q 9 for trips. That left Rob with only 6 bigs which he shoved on the next hand holding A7. Gascard’s Q8 made him the last player standing when a Q flopped.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Mike “Gascard” Collins
  2. Rob “The Professor” Benford
  3. Derek “The Good One” Wooley
  4. Marvin “Duckman” Karlins
  5. Allen “Sherry’s Husband” Wiseman
  6. Peter “Not Peter K” Dalcamo
  7. Ken “says he’s the best Ken” O’Donnell
  8. Josh “Trey’s friend” Harrison
  9. Chrissy “Solar Girl” Holubeck
  10. Tammy “New Girl on the Block” Leonard