Summer/Fall 2018 Week 2: Sherry’s husband makes her proud!

We had another incredible turnout for week two of the new league season. 45 players battled for points with their eyes on the prize of not only the weekly prize money, which img_8730has been well over $1K for first place, but points toward winning a Main Event seat.

We now have 49 participants this season.

Note that this week – Thursday August 9 – we will be using a new big blind ante structure starting with 100/100 and bb ante kicking in at level three.  The extra 1000 chip (ss 13K) will be available to all who are sitting by the end of level one to allow for the sometimes long registration lines.

The structure is represented in this picture:img_8745

The night started out with on upset early on when Andra Zachow’s AAAKK > first week winner Cyndi Nguyen’s KKKJJ. There was a flush draw on the board and both were surprised by the FH>FH.

Rob shared some hands from his table, “2 early hands in 1st blind level: Daryl rivered a royal (Jack d Queen off in his hand). Flop AdKd X. Turn 10d for his straight. River Qd for Royal against 3 players including Mark Wiser who flopped aces & kings.

I had KK in big blind. Raised to 600. 4 callers. Flop K 10 6 rainbow. I bet 2k. 3 folds. Pete jammed from button with top 2 pair—Kings and tens. I nearly tripled up and Pete was 1st out.

Had KK next hand as well and won a nice pot. But the players insisted I give the kings back thereafter. 😎”

Newcomer Steve Huff had a 5th place finish this week with his unique style of play. Interviewed on the break Steve stated that he’s read a variety of poker books but was partial to the teachings of Marvin “Duckman” Karlins, a fellow league member & author img_8732who has been known to use the “all in” technique and has perfected it. Steve Huff shoved, one of many times, with KTcc and bested Adam’s QQ. Later Steve added “limp” to his repertoire. Steve H knocked Andra out when she raised with AKo & he shoved AJ. There was a J on the flop & Andra bricked.

Dawn Gwin, new to the league this season, represented the ladies will chopping 1st place with Sherry’s husband, Allen Wiseman.

In the end the final table was in order of knockouts :

10. Joe Parrish

9. Barry Bovee

8. Darryl

7. Bob Scholz

6. Reno

5. Steve Huff

4. Rob Benford

3. Pete Katseralis

1. Dawn Gwin (tie)

1. Allen Wiseman (tie)