Summer/Fall 2018 Week One: Cyndi dominates for the win!

Cyndi Nguyen, a Main Event package winner from the past season, was the first place finisher for week one of the Summer/Fall league season. When asked what her secret is while being interviewed after her win, Cyndi said “No Gamble No Future”.


Allen Wiseman was the first person out of the season when Jason (a Main Event Package winner from last season) AQ>Allen’s TT All in preflop.

Sherry Wiseman, on the other hand, and she asked that we emphasize the disparity between her and her less talented husband, made the final table with the help of quads. Steve min raised pre. 4 caller. Sherry, Dugg, and new player this season, Juan DaCosta. Sherry raised the flop, Steve folds. Dugg and Juan call. img_0020On the turn Dugg shoved, Juan calls (shorter stack) , Sherry calls. She rivers quads.

Other notable hands were new league member Peter Katsarelis’ FH with A2>Darryl’s flopped flush.img_8518

Steve Trizis knocked out Mark “Bud” Wiser, a well known Bay img_8528Area notable when his 24o>Wiser’s AA on a A35 flop.

SuperDave Kaucher was another recipient of quads when his Quad 4s>Don Anderson’s FH with AA. Unfortunately the league does not offer a bad beat jackpot, though maybe that should be considered.

Later the hand that gave Cyndi a huge boost was when she rivered a K>Bob Scholz’s 44>Paul Hood’s QQ.

All in all it was a pretty crazy start to what looks to be an awesome season!

In order of finish the final tables was:

  1. Cyndi “No Gamble No Future” Nguyen
  2. Peter Katseralis
  3. Edie Jo Norman
  4. Bill McKown
  5. Sherry “Better than Allen” Wiseman
  6. Pete Decalmo
  7. Jason “Steve who?” Barnett
  8. Steve Zalinsky
  9. Trey “Young Fedor” Harrell
  10. SuperDave Kaucher


There are still some spots left – you must play 16 of 21 weeks so let Steve Trizis know if you would like to reserve a spot.   If you would still  like to participate in the league this season check out the about page for the rules/cost/Steve’s contact info and come about 15 minutes early on Thursday (ie. 6:15, we start play promptly at 6:30).  If you’d like to share the info on a hand or a picture for this blog send it to Steve or our blogger/statistician Andra (see the about page for contact info).






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