WSOP DAY 3!!!! TBEPL Well represented!!! LFG!!!!

SEVEN TBEPL Members. are sitting down for day 3 of the WSOP Main Event. What others will find remarkable, but I don’t is how many of the Elite Tampa Bay League made it to day 3. We have

1. Rob Benford (The Professor) 200K

2. Steve Trizis 173K

3. John Gordon 134K

4. Trey Harrell 132K

5. Derek Csanadi 116K

6. Jason Barnett 90K

7. Cyndi Nguyen 50K

There is some serious talent in that group.

Past members who bagged are

1. Mark Wiser 30K

Other local friends who bagged are

1. AJ Andrew Kelsall 258K

2. Matt Smith 191K

3. Frank Muir 196K

4. Toan Trinh 136K

5. Bryce McVay 89K

6. Michael Gallo 43K

Let’s wish the best of luck to all of them!!

Somehow out of 2800+ remaining, Mark Wiser & Cyndi Nguyen are at the same table.

Trey Harrell may get some TV time with Phil Ivey at his table.

Derek Csanadi has multi WPT champ Anthony Zinno at his table.

Will post updates when received!

Trey vs Phil Ivey gets a write up!

when your Mom is at the rail and you are playing with Phil Ivey…

6:56 (ET) update at break:

John Gordon 70K

Derek Csanadi 115K

Rob Benford 161K

Trey Harrell 213K

Frank Muir 220K

Steve Trizis 230K

Matt smith 348K

AJ Kelsall 420K

Cyndi Nguyen still in

Here are the update chip counts after 3rd break.

John Gordon 50K

Derek Csanadi 120K

Rob Benford 197K

Trey Harrell 200K

Frank Muir 194K

Steve Trizis 250K

Matt smith 351K

AJ Kelsall 320K

1500 left at 9:40ET. 1182 get paid!!!

Steve included in the WSOP “assorted counts”! #notable

Midnight ET

Here are the update chip counts after dinner break.

John Gordon 23K

Derek Csanadi 330K

Rob Benford 43K

Trey Harrell 120K

Frank Muir 60K

Steve Trizis 279K

Matt smith 490K

AJ Kelsall 340K

Final update:

In the money. Trey, Rob, Derek, and Steve all cashed!

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